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We’ve created a bunch of amazing resources for parents, teens and mentors!
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Join Us!

We’ve created a bunch of amazing resources for parents, teens and mentors!
Simply click the button that applies to you to sign up and receive your goodies!

What We Do

give teen girls all over the world the tools and confidence
to shine from within.


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Current insights, tips & research about teens from the front line for parents, educators and mentors.

Amanda Rootsey, founder of teen holistic personal development school Shine From Within and coach to youth mentors all over the world, interviews experts about what’s going on for youth today.  From psychological insights to practical advice on how to hold a safe space for teens, it’s your short burst of inspiration and motivation amidst the crazy world of teens and tweens!

About Shine From Within

Meet Amanda

I believe it takes a village to raise a child and it’s our mission to help girls realise just how bright they can shine.

I’ve been teaching teens since I was a teen myself and absolutely LOVE seeing our students embrace who they are and share their unique beauty with the world.

Our modern, wholistic training school…

Gives teen and tween girls the tools to shine from within through workshops, holiday courses, school-based programs, mother-daughter retreats, one-on-one coaching and our award-winning Youth Mentor Training, which trains women to create their own programs for youth in their communities.  Based in South-east Queensland, Australia, we have taught thousands of girls and trained youth mentors in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. 

We believe that when we are truly happy within ourselves then we will treat our body, mind and spirit with care and respect.  We will eat healthy, nourishing foods, we will present ourselves beautifully to the world and will have the confidence to chase our dreams, blitz through job interviews and take care of the peope and world around us with pride. 

Upcoming Events

Tweens Course

Our Tweens Course is the first of it’s kind offering a modern, holistic approach which combines deportment subjects, wellness and self-discovery in a concise, fun way for girls aged 10-12 years old.

Our 2017 Tweens courses sold out weeks in advanced so book now for 2018!  Click below to learn more + book.

Our Mother-Daughter Retreat is the perfect place to renew and strengthen the bond you have with your daughter, encourage your daughter to develop healthy lifestyle habits all in luxurious Noosa accomodation.

Our 2017 retreat was amazing.  Specific dates still to be set for 2018 but click below to jump on the list.

The Shine From Within Personal Development Course is our signature week-long course and is designed specifically to help teen girls (13-17 y.o.) realise and develop their own unique beauty and confidence.

Our Jan + July 2017 courses sold out so book in now for 2018.

View our complete events calendar to see our events + events from our trained youth mentors all over Australia and even some overseas.  You can search by location to find one near you.

“Thank you Amanda for taking the time to nurture young lives. Mackenzie enjoyed every moment of the Tweens Course and I have loved seeing her eyes light up when telling me about her fun day.”

Janet Burchett,

mother of a Tweens Course student.

“Hey Amanda, I know this is completely out of the blue, but I wanted to thank you so much for the Shine Personal Development Course. Everything we covered throughout it is still of huge help to me today, and I’m sure it will be forever! It really helped me and it was all an absolutely amazing experience!”

Meg, Jan 2015.

Personal Development Course student

(from our first ever course in 2013!).

“The program was brilliant and I highly recommend to parents for all girls. Amanda’s empowering the girls to love and believe in themselves and take care of themselves and not get caught up in all of the hype, pressures and negative influences that they will be faced with in today’s world. We are very fortunate to have had this course at our school and have such a caring and inspirational teacher like Amanda.”

Parent of a primary school student

“Amanda had a lasting impact on our students.  Her dignified, gentle manner – coupled with her passion for empowering young girls – was greatly admired by students and teachers alike.   She is an extraordinary role model for women!”

Deborah Thomson, Kimberley College

“It was an absolute pleasure to have Amanda host workshops in our Shopping Centre as part of our Mindfulness Campaign. To be able to offer tween girls in our community a holistic approach to wellness in a fun way was fantastic. All workshops were fully booked with a waiting list in advance, which highlights the popularity and need for this mentoring in our community. We’ve had very positive responses from both parents and students that took part.”

Aimee Hodge, Noosa Civic

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 Become A

Youth Mentor

Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training

Shine From Within Youth Mentor Training will give you the tools to nurture, mentor and hold a space for teen girls.  You will learn how to connect with teens on their level, craft workshops and courses that could change their lives and do it in a way that supports your needs, strengths and lifestyle. The business of running programs for teen girls will also be covered, ensuring that you can reach and support as many beautiful girls as you want to, in a variety of formats. You will gain the knowledge and tools to work with teens, mentor them and run successful, heart-centred workshops for them based on your strengths and passions.

Want to be a mentor too?  Get our free quiz to see if you have what it takes!


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