17 Ways to help teens connect with their spirituality

When we conducted a survey with our community recently, we asked what you would love to learn more about. And some folks shared that they’d love some ideas on how to help young people connect more deeply with their spirituality. 

What a GREAT topic!! So, we’ve collated some of our favourite ideas that you could implement at home if you’re a parent, or in your own programs, classes, events and mentoring or coaching with teens and tweens if you work with young people.

The thing we absolutely LOVE about our Certified Youth Mentors is that they all bring their own flavour to this work. They come to us because they want to create something that is unique for them and that addresses and connects with the young people in their community. For some of our mentors, spirituality is at the core of their offerings. For example, some of our mentors have their religion at the forefront of everything they do, such as Eric Ageyman. For some, they share their love and deep connection to yoga with their mentees or they teach them about the moon cycles or astrology. Some embed rituals and nature into everything they do. And in fact as I’m typing and reflecting on who I could share with you who does these things, I can think of about 50 youth mentors right away who bring some spiritual elements into the work they do. Check out our directory of mentors for some of them. 

Some of the sessions that youth mentors have run in our teen Online Academy have included an Introduction to Buddha with a mentor from Nepal, Creating Mandalas with a mentor in Melbourne, and even cooking lessons with a mentor in Oman (food can link us to spirituality right? Or am I stretching here?! ha!). We’ve had classes on crystals, tarot, journal writing, philosophical discussions about religion, and more. There are endless ways that you could help teens connect with their spirituality and probably the simplest way is to hold space for a discussion about what spirituality means to them.

Below we’ve shared 17 ways to get you started. 


1. Mindfulness meditation sessions

Start each session with a brief mindfulness meditation to help youth center themselves and become more aware of their inner selves.



2. nature walks and retreats

Organize nature walks, hikes, or retreats to connect youth with the natural world and encourage contemplation. Nature often provides a serene backdrop for spiritual exploration.


3. journaling and reflective writing

Encourage youth to keep journals where they can write about their thoughts, feelings, and questions related to spirituality. Share prompts or themes to guide their writing.



4. storytelling and personal narratives

Personal narratives and stories from various cultures and spiritual traditions. Allow youth to share their own stories and experiences related to spirituality.



5. guest speakers and experts

Invite guest speakers or experts in spiritual or religious fields to provide insights and answer questions from the youth.


6. mandala and art therapies

Engage in art therapy activities, like creating mandalas or other art forms, to express and explore spiritual themes visually.




    7. yoga and mind-body practices

    Introduce yoga and other mind-body practices that promote physical and spiritual well-being.



      8. guided visualization and imagery

      Use guided visualization exercises to help youth explore their inner landscapes, aspirations, and spiritual beliefs.



      9. community service and acts of kindness

      Emphasize the importance of service and kindness as a way to connect with one’s spirituality. Encourage youth to participate in community service projects.


      10. exploring different belief systems

      Offer sessions that explore various belief systems, philosophies, and religious traditions. Allow youth to ask questions and learn about different perspectives.



      11. personal values and ethics 

      Help youth identify and articulate their personal values and ethical principles, which are often deeply connected to their spiritual beliefs.



      12. group discussions and sharing circles

      Facilitate group discussions and sharing circles where youth can openly discuss their thoughts and experiences related to spirituality.


      13. gratitude and affirmation practices

      Teach practices that focus on gratitude and positive affirmation to help youth develop a positive and spiritually enriching outlook.


      14. music and chanting

      Explore the spiritual aspects of music and chanting, which can be deeply moving and transformative for many.


      15. legacy projects

      Encourage youth to create legacy projects that reflect their spiritual journey and values, such as a community garden, art installation, or a service initiative.



      16. cultural and religious celebrations

      Attend cultural and religious celebrations to provide youth with firsthand experiences of diverse spiritual practices and celebrations.



      17. goal setting and vision boards

      Help youth set spiritual goals and create vision boards to visualize and manifest their aspirations.


      Thanks for reading! If you have more ideas you’d love to share with us, please reach out on Facebook, Instagram or via email.

      Warm regards, 


      Amanda 🙂 🙂 


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