2018 – a reflection

Well, what can I say about 2018?! It’s been huge! As we’ve done in previous years, here’s a little reflection process you can follow and a little wrap up of the most exciting moments for us in 2018.

Often what happens at this time of year is we go straight into dreaming about the next year without first properly reflecting on beautiful 2018. Sometimes we can feel resistance around looking back, for fear that it might bring up hurtful feelings, embarrassment or feelings of failure. BUT taking the time to look back at the good AND the ‘bad,’ can be SO POWERFUL for growth and learning as we head into a brand new year.

Don’t rush into 2019 without first appreciating the lessons + highlights of 2018.

So how do you constructively and efficiently and consciously reflect on the year? The great news is, this can be a super easy process. And I’ve created an editable PDF worksheet for you to download and fill in yourself to make it super easy (make sure you save the worksheet to your computer before filling it in, and then again after you fill it in, so that all of your work is saved).

This one is super short, you can do it just for last term or consider your answers for the whole year if you’d like. This is equally great for adults and children and can be a great worksheet for the whole family to complete separately and then come back together to share with each other as a group.

Another GREAT thing to try with your family is to get a big sheet of paper and fill it with all the things you did, places you went, lessons your learnt and other memories of the year. Get everyone to add to it and reflect on it as a family. You could then get a second sheet of paper and dream up whatever you’d like 2019 to look like! Super easy, fun and powerful.


Here’s a little wrap up of our highlights in words and pictures…

  • We ran some fun free workshops at Noosa Civic shopping centre, which we’ll be doing again during the April school holidays 2019 as part of their wellness campaign they do each year
  • We ran a super fun Tweens Course, and have already got some bookings for our 2019 one. 
  • We had a magical week with a bunch of teen girls for our Personal Development Course. The last couple of years we’ve ran this in a beach house and each time it’s been soooo much fun. Always tears by the end of the week as the girls connect so deeply, grow so much and learn from our many guest teachers and mentors throughout the week. Our 2019 one is about half-way full already. Learn more about it and book in here. 
  • I’ve had lots of 1:1 mentoring clients this year. A range of young folk, from 11 to 25 who are looking for someone to support them with confidence, planning out what they most want to do with their life after school and even helping one to write a book! I’ve also coached a few people with business growth in the youth sector. I love connecting one on one like this and we always do it via video conferencing or phone so I’ve had clients all over the world this year! Feel free to reply if you’d like to set up a chat to discuss this for you or your child in 2019.
  • We’ve run another two rounds of the Youth Mentor Training.  This has been such a joy… it’s amazing to see folks all over the world supporting teens in their own special way, sharing their unique gifts and experiences while holding a supportive space for teens to shine. The current round are up to module 3 at the moment, engagement, where they are learning all about different personality types and learning styles, crafting their introduction in a way that’s safe and engaging for youth, learning about ice-breakers and how to structure teen courses and workshops in a way that’s really fun and powerful for them. If you’re interested in doing this work yourself, you can get started with our free online quiz ‘ Do you have what it takes to be a youth mentor?’ here. 
  • We also ran an in-person retreat with some of our youth mentors in the Noosa hinterland! Ohh so fun connecting for a whole weekend with a bunch of women and guest experts to plan out the next steps in our businesses, learn more about marketing from the guy who launched Food Matters, experience art therapy and learn more about how we can use creativity with teens, share around a fire and learn more about how impactful stories can be in our work, learn more about gender and how we can be inclusive from our gender consultant who skyped in from the US and just CONNECT with other like-minded souls in person. It was such a wonderful experience.
  • Ohh and we published a book, which is now out across UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand! Our membership portal with extra resources is almost ready too – coming in early 2019 – if you’ve got the book, make sure you register here so you get first access to it!
  • Our podcast has had thousands of unique downloads and we’ve had amazing guests this year, talking about periods, being a gutsy mum, how to shift our gendered language and be more inclusive, how to avoid term ‘breakdowns’ as educators/parents, some simple yoga we can share with teens even if we’re not a yoga teacher and understanding sexuality. You can get all these 15 minute power episodes at our website, on iTunes or Spotify. 
  • We’ve also launched our school-based curriculum with a number of schools ready to go in 2019. You can learn more about this and download a preview for free here. 
  • We created a new free eBook for you too – How Working With Teens Changed Their Life – download it here.
  • We launched our #thenewsuperheroes blog post series where we celebrate young people from all walks of life doing wonderful things in the world.

All the photos of our favourite events below!  But wowww gosh we’ve had some fun this year and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for being part of the Shine From Within community.

May these holidays be filled with peace, joy, immense gratitude and big dose of LOVE.

Now it’s your turn… download this simple worksheet to have a go at reflecting on 2018 and planning out 2019. It’s fun to do with the family too!

Keep shining,

Amanda, Leah, Jane + the whole Shine From Within team xxx