While it is my passion to help girls develop their own confidence, nourish their bodies and truly shine from within, I’m always learning!  So I decided to ask 3 wellness experts who are also Mums with daughters of all different ages, for their tips on raising confident girls.

Kim Morrison

“Be their rock. Show your emotions for sure but try not to fall apart in front of them, you have friends for that. Girls need to know they can count on you, that you are strong and able to cope. That confidence you show gives them the confidence to cope with anything and to be the greatest version of themselves. We are their role models – not super models!”

Kim is a best-selling author, passionate speaker and creator of our favourite skincare range, Twenty8.  You can find Kim here. 


Kaye Vlachos

“As a mother, when I give myself permission to shine in my own life, I unconsciously give my daughters permission to do the same.  Our dreams that we hold in our hearts for our children, are actually dreams we harbour for ourselves – go about fulfilling our own dreams and our daughters will follow our lead. “

Kaye is a Health and Wellness Coach, Self Love Advocate and Master Trainer – Empowering men, women and athletes to create radically healthy lives.  You can find her here.


Rachael Jansen

“What other people think or say about you doesn’t make it true and says more about them than it does about you, so keep doing what makes you happy and what you’re comfortable with. And you can’t fail – you won’t be good at everything you try, but you’ll only work out what you love by trying. If it’s not your thing, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed, just that you’ve worked out you love other things more.”

Rachael is a health and wellness journalist and an holistic health coach who specialises in lifestyle and confidence coaching for busy Mums.  You can find Rachael here.


We LOVE nourishing and nurturing young girls so they grow up to be happy, healthy, confident girls who truly shine from within.   We’ll be doing that next week with a bunch of gorgeous 10-12 year old girls on the Sunshine Coast.  Yay!  Check out the details here if you would like to enroll your daughter.


Amanda x