Do you put off until tomorrow what you could do today?

Do you make yourself busy with Facebook, checking emails constantly, playing games, catching up on meaningless small tasks… rather than working on the things you know you probably should be?

Other than being a bit of a waste of time (yes Facebook you are mostly a waste of time!), this kind of behaviour also effects your self-esteem and self-worth.

In fact, your level of self-control & self-discipline are principal factors in having good self-esteem.  


Procrastination = lack of self-discipline


Combatting procrastination & achieving your goals today (instead of the illusive tomorrow) will improve your self-worth & self-esteem.  But we all know that sometimes focusing on the important tasks can be uncomfortable. In his book 52 Changes, Leo Babauta says that we turn to what we’re comfortable with so in order to break a habit, we need to get comfortable with it.  In this case we need to get comfortable with not procrastinating!


1.  Don’t wait for some magical inspiration – start your task now. No you don’t need another cup of tea & you certainly don’t need to watch Gossip Girl again.

2.  Make a plan & break down your task into small, easy to accomplish stages. Eg. I will work on blah for the next 15 minutes.

3.  Get yourself set up for your 15 minute block by making sure you’ve turned off all distractions & can just focus on your task.

4.  Overthrow any negative-nancy thoughts that creep in, habits that hold you back or urges to switch to something more comfortable. You can do this!

5.  Try to set aside a block of time like this regularly so that you can start to form a habit of getting stuff done!


What are 5 things that you have a strong desire to put off until tomorrow?   Divide a page in 2 and on one side write these 5 things down.  In the column opposite, write down the excuses you used to use to get out of them.   Can you eliminate any of the items in the list?  If not, then time to cross out those excuses and set your achievable, 15 minute blocks of awesomeness!


I would love to hear your tips for overcoming procrastination…share them below!

Amanda x