Bonding with your daughter is one of the most important things you can do for her wellbeing.  It molds the woman she’s becoming. I understand it seems like there’s never enough time.  However, the investment in time is worth it for you and for her. Make a fortnightly or monthly date.  If you usually do lunch, trying a new activity creates a deeper connection.  Plus, making new memories is fun!

Get out of your comfy slippers and connect with your girl in new ways.  Here are some ideas.  I hope they fill your heart!

1. What’s Your Daughter Into? – We can drive ourselves bonkers trying to dream up the most magical weekend plans. Ask her what she’s interested in and do that! You’ll learn who your girl truly is by witnessing her in her element. Plan your day around her.

2. Get Fancy – Dress up and waltz into a charity event. Serving others is a gift. Why not do it together? You’ll inspire her to be considerate of others and give back when she can. It’s also a little lesson in networking.

3. Be Artsy – Something magical happens when we play with our hands. Your creative spirit dances with the right side of our right brain. It opens your mind and calms your soul. Take a cooking, jewellery making, or pottery class. It’ll be a colourful afternoon.

4. Hand Down Traditions – What’s something you used to love doing with your Mum or Dad?  It’s heart-warming to pass on family traditions.  This one will make you feel like a kid again!

5. Take a Trip – I’m sure there’s a destination you’d both LOVE to go to.  Set a date and pack your bags!  This will require more planning, but will be a memory you’ll both hold dear in your hearts.  Whether it’s camping, floating in a gondola in Venice, Italy or putting your toes in warm coastal blue waters, do it!


To make it super easy for you to have a magical experience with your daughter, we’ve put together the ultimate mother-daughter retreat.  All you have to do is turn up and enjoy – the planning has all been done for you.

Book in for the 4-7 May 2018 Mother-Daughter Retreat in Noosa!  

You love one-of-a-kind experiences!  This retreat is only open to 8 mothers and daughters.  Some spots are taken, so please don’t miss this unforgettable weekend with your girl.

If you have questions about the Mother-Daughter Retreat, please feel free to email us.  Can’t wait to play on the sand with you!

Keep shining,

Amanda + the Shine From Within team  xx