In this casual Skype chat, our Director Amanda had a chat with Karen Clarke, author of the new book, ‘From Bullied to Brilliant,’ where she demystifies bullying and shares tips on how we can support young people who are being bullied.

Karen is also the co-founder of Powerful Positive People and has a deep understanding of bullying and social isolation, both in her capacity as a professional coach and her personal experiences of witnessing and experiencing bullying. As the mother of three school-aged children, she also understands the pressures families face when bullying becomes an issue.

Karen’s book ’From Bullied to Brilliant’ helps parents, educators and victims of bullying understand how a change in thinking can end the bully-victim cycle.

A Trainer of NLP and Time Line Therapy® Karen currently works as a confidence and performance coach helping adults, children, performers and athletes reach their potential. She believes the world is full of questions, but our answers lie within.

 In this video, she shares:

  • Her recommendations for parents when a child comes home from school and has been bullied
  • About her book, From Bullied to Brilliant
  • When a parent should ‘mobilise’ and get in touch with the school
  • How to help young people see things from a different perspective
  • What kind of questions to ask to support them through a bullying situation
  • How to see problems at school as opportunities to experiment and try out different tactics

Our favourite quote from this interview was, “Nobody can hurt me without my permission,” Mahatma Gandhi.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this important topic.

Amanda + the Shine From Within team x


If you prefer, you can also LISTEN to this interview.  You can find a shorter version to listen to on our podcast here (or search The Youth Mentor Podcast on iTunes – it’s episode 5) or you can download the complete audio of this interview from Dropbox and listen to it when you get a chance (in the car, going for a walk, etc!).

**Please note that there is a bit of background noise in the interview but I just had to share this with you no matter what!