Shine From Within is a Sunshine Coast-based holistic personal development school that has struck a chord with families across Australia due to its focus on self-love, compassion for others and messages around healthy living.  Specialising in courses, workshops and mentoring for teen and tween girls, Shine From Within gives girls the tools and confidence to shine in a nurturing and fun environment.

We believe that self-confidence and self-worth go hand-in-hand with feeling happy, being healthy and achieving success.

Because you are beautiful

Every single young woman is beautiful but when we look around, it’s easy to see that many don’t see that within themselves.  You can tell by the way they hold themselves, introduce themselves, dress, do their hair and make up and present themselves to the world.  You can tell by the way they treat themselves, nourish their bodies and treat others.  Through a SHINE course, students are encouraged to grow and develop their own unique beauty and style, find the special qualities that they have to give to the world and are given the tools to SHINE bright as responsible, compassionate and confident young women.


Self-love, wellness, presentation and professionalism are the core values behind SHINE.  When we are truly happy within ourselves then we will treat our body, mind and spirit with respect.  We will feed our bodies healthy, nourishing foods, we will present ourselves beautifully to the world and we will have the confidence to chase our dreams, blitz through job interviews and take care of the people and world around us with pride.


Creating a nurturing environment for our students to grow and develop from the inside out is of utmost importance. We don’t just teach our students how to present themselves on the outside, but give them the tools to nourish their body, mind and spirit from the inside.

At SHINE, we believe that it is our duty to tread as lightly as possible on our beautiful planet.  That’s why we use all natural and cruelty-free products which are sourced locally wherever possible and encourage our students to treat themselves and the world around them with respect & love.

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