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Alice Tabak the Founder and Facilitator of the workshops has been running CDG workshops since 2019. They have become very popular in Christchurch, New Zealand. She is also certified in Teenage Mentorship (SFW, Australia), Menstrual Literacy (Red School, UK), Intimacy Direction Best Practices for Minors (TIE, USA) and Trauma Informed Care for Youth Workers (CAS, USA). She has had extensive employment and experience in aged care, public service and group facilitation for youths and adults. Alice brings her wealth of knowledge and passion for supporting youth and elders to negate the inherited perspectives of silence and shame around these amazing phases of a woman/folk’s Life. She believes bringing Rites of Passage like this, into contemporary times, aids well being, physical & mental health as well as connection between family and community.

At Celebration Day Christchurch we offer on line and in person workshops for girls/women, non binary and transboys/men going through Life transitions such as approaching menarche, menstruation and menopause.

There are four programmes:

  1. Celebration Day for Girls (9-12 years old) for positive period preparation (in person in NZ or online).
  2. MCA TEEN (14-16 years old) for Menstrual Cycle Awareness as well as a focus on Intimacy and Relationships (in person in NZ, one day).
  3. Intimacy and Relationships (14-16years old) for teen experience, support and comradery around pleasure, boundaries, consent and the history of cultural conditioning (European) around these subjects (online, 1 hour).
  4. Perimenopause (35+) a workshop for the journey of transition (in person in NZ, 2.5hrs).

We believe in honour, knowledge and connection around these important stages of Life. These are all interactive sessions designed to inform & create positive conversations in a relaxed and connected way with others going through the same thing.

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Otautahi/ChristchurchNew Zealand cdg.alicetabak@gmail.com