Evie Wilson | Stardust Squad

Evie is an award nominated mindset and empowerment coach and mentor, youth mentor, positivity rebel, dream chasing guide and group space enthusiast. She is also a mother to two girls, a marriage celebrant and a feminist, always. Evie creates spaces for women and girls to open their minds to lush, audacious dreams, pairing it with the essential mindset work required to fully step into making these dreams their realities. Her favourite ways to do this are within group spaces such as her fast growing girl empowerment space the Stardust Squad, and her in person community event Hype Club. Positivity, joy and connection are the pillars

Evie builds her life and work on, and she fully believes in guiding women and girls on how their wild and bold positivity can truly change their lives, championing them to strive for more and forever take up more space.

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  • Services include: Teens, Tweens, Online Programs, Workshops/Classes, Online Academy Facilitator