Marie-Claude Beauchamp | Flo

Who am I? I am Marie-Claude or MC. I created FLO the safe space for teenage girls and young women in Dubai.

It all came together when being on my own journey of re-evaluating my life purpose and values, with this question: when and where in my life was I at my peak potential and I knew I was totally on my life purpose? I call it standing on my X position.

This was when in different African countries, I worked with local organizations to build projects for HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Being on my X, didn’t mean that I was in total bliss every minute of the day. NO. Being on my X is knowing I was at the right place at the right time, doing what I was supposed to do. Honoring my life purpose, being true to my values, and doing something meaningful. It is what I wish to offer to the participants within the FLO community.

Since FLO is running the sisterhood circles, individual coaching and workshops that feeling of doing the right thing is confirmed. And witnessing the participant’s transformations is a privilege. It comforts me that human contacts have a great impact on anxiety management and self-confidence.

Being a mentor for girls to me is using my life experience (academic qualifications, work, career, travel, spirituality, age, relationships, and overcoming difficulties) to be my authentic self to accompany girls on their own journey. My experiences also taught me, that empowered girls and women can move mountains and redesign their lives for the better of the whole community around them. This is my X.?

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  • Services include: Teens, Tweens, One-on-One Mentoring, Workshops/Classes, Online Academy Facilitator