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Pinar O’Connor is a youth mentor, counsellor, and yoga educator. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Graduate Diploma of Counselling. Throughout her interdisciplinary training, she aimed to collect various skills that could help her dream, collaborate, and create with young people and children. She has been lucky enough to work with hundreds of teens and children in various settings such as youth travel, nature sports camps, and weekly gatherings.

Pinar peer-tutored and taught in university, working in different leadership roles, as a volunteer in several social responsibility projects, and as a camp coach at a community-loved youth empowerment organisation overseas. In addition, she has served as the lead mentor in Alithia Learning, and as a provisional counsellor in Bello Youth Hub in New South Wales, Australia.

Her journey to study counselling stems from the motivation to provide a safe & supportive space for youth on their paths and incorporate the person-centred approach and the positive communication tools into her services.

She is here to provide young people, children and their families with a sense of self-inquiry while collecting unforgettable, wholesome memories together. In this way, she hopes to contribute to the holistic wellbeing of our community and to give back to Earth.

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  • Services include: Teens, Tweens, One-on-One Mentoring, Online Programs, Workshops/Classes, Holiday Programs, Retreats
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