Steph Montague | Stardust Squad

Steph Montague (she/her) completed youth mentor training with Shine from within in 2023. Based in Eastern Victoria, Australia, Steph has worked with youth throughout her career. Starting in the environmental industry where she volunteered with youth in outdoor pursuits and environmental education.

Steph joined ‘The Stardust Squad’ in early 2023 as the creative director based out of Gippsland, Victoria.

Outside of Stardust Squad Steph spends her days as a mum & a native flower farmer.
Her own mental health journey lead Steph to embraced a slow living, nature centered and creative lifestyle.
Steph believes in the power of creativity and nature to help today’s youth cope with the demands of a busy world and find meaning in their lives.

  • Listing ID: 16379
  • Services include: Teens, Tweens, Workshops/Classes, Holiday Programs, Online Academy Facilitator