Sussan Huynh | The Flying Pigs Academy

Sussan Huynh is a creative, serial entrepreneur, teen mentor, and self-confessed workaholic. While most would say being a workaholic is a weakness, this is Sussan’s superpower and a badge she wears proudly.

Sussan thrives on getting her hands dirty, problem solving, overcoming challenges and just getting it done. Her curiosity and thirst for life has taken her on many adventures, from playing competitive sports, to assisting eye specialists in the operating theatre, leading her own sales territory in iconic optical companies, to now being co-founder of The Flying Pigs Academy.

A master of relationships, within minutes of meeting her, she will have you telling her your deepest secrets, making her the best wing woman in your life. This is her gift.

Psst… If you’re a teen reading this, know Sussan has your back. Despite all her achievements, she was a self-conscious teen who lacked self-esteem and self-worth. Whatever your challenges, she wants you to know she’s got you.

If you’re a parent or caregiver reading this, know Sussan’s got you too. Like you, she wears many hats and juggles many plates including parenting two young ones of her own. Whatever stresses you’re experiencing, she wants you to know, she’s living it with you. 

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  • Services include: Teens, Tweens, One-on-One Mentoring, Workshops/Classes, Online Academy Facilitator