Whitney Geoghegan

Whitney is a multifaceted soul with a big humanitarian heart.

She is an O Breathwork Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Personal Trainer, Yoga teacher, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Youth Mentor and Ex Professional Muay Thai fighter.

Whitney has an extensive background in health and wellness and takes an integrated, unique and wholistic approach to mentoring. She believes by combing her knowledge of the mind-body-soul connection and her lived experience she is able to help Teens and Tweens create empowered change from the inside out.

Her passion has come from her own healing journey after dealing with the loss of her dad as a teen, years of eating disorders, debilitating depression, body dysmorphia and living in survival mode for majority of her existence. She has now been able to transform her whole life and in doing so believes her story and lessons learnt could be someone else survival guide. ?

Whitney understands what its like to navigate these difficult times within her youth and how important it is to have the education, skills, awareness, knowledge and someone who truly understands you, listens and can support you on that deep soul level. As this is what she wish she had when she was younger, but unfortunately did not.

She now knows its her purpose to give back and help in whatever way she can to ensure that the youth of today have the ability to regulate their emotions, have the inner self-awareness, make empowered choices, love themselves, have strong foundations and truly thrive in life.

Whitney offers 1:1 mentoring, workshops and in school programs.

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  • Services include: Teens, One-on-One Mentoring, Online Programs, Workshops/Classes
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