In this episode, we’re introducing you to Jess Demunck! She’s a year 3 teacher, a life coach and has set up some incredible initiatives in her own school community including a mindfulness club.  If you’re a teacher, parent or mentor who expects to have regular ‘term’ or ‘monthly’ breakdowns then this episode is for you! We dive into the stresses teachers face throughout the school term and how we can avoid this expected burnout. Jess gives us some great tools to help teachers nourish themselves and focus on self-care.

Tips for Educators and Mentors

  • Remember (set reminders) the power of their breath and being present
  • Ask for support – it’s okay to ask for support
  • Carve out ‘you’ time every day
  • Separate your work and home ‘to-do-list’
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You can find Jess at jessicademunck.com

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