In this episode, we’re excited to chat with Maggie Dent! 

Maggie Dent is commonly known here in Australia as the ‘Queen of Common Sense.’  As a parenting author and educator, Maggie shares how we can support teens to find their spark, how we can be the lighthouse for them and how we can reframe situations that ‘suck!’

Find out how to: 

  • Help your teens discover their spark
  • Determine whether their creative joys are going to be careers or hobbies
  • Support kids in exploring different options
  • Nurturing their spark, especially young boys!
  • Hold a safe space for teens to share how they’re feeling
  • Ask good questions so they can continue developing their own ideas and dreams of the future
  • Be a ‘lighthouse’ for teens around you, whether you’re an educator, mentor, or another adult in your kids’ friends lives

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You can find Maggie at maggiedent.com or on Facebook here

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