Shine From Within have been running programs for teen and tween girls since 2012, reaching hundreds of beautiful girls in our holiday programs, one-on-one mentoring, school-based programs and more.  We exist to support YOU, the parents, so that you can feel confident that your daughter is receiving the absolute best support and advice during these tumultuous teen years.  The number one thing we hear from parents is this:



You’re telling them what we’re telling them at home, but they just need to hear it from someone else.  Thank you!”  


We’re not here to be their parent, teacher or coach.  We see our role as a mentor in their life who can educate them with important life skills and provide a space for them to feel heard and valued.  At the heart of everything we do, we just want all girls (and boys) to realise how special they are, just as they are.  We’ve found that often with our students the magic is in removing them from their usual environment (amazing family, friends and regular support network) to give them an opportunity to express themselves in a new environment and learn new skills without judgement.


What we know…

Body image is one of the top three personal concerns of young people aged 15-19 in Australia.*

Coping with stress is the NUMBER ONE personal concern of young people in Australia, alongside school or study problems.   Young women in particular, are increasingly overwhelmed with more than half saying they are either extremely or very concerned about coping with stress.*

*Mission Australia Youth Survey 2014

Our approach…


We take an holistic approach in all of our programs and courses.  With a background in teaching deportment and personal development courses spanning over 10 years, as well as qualifications in life coaching, positive body image and even mental health and technology in young people, we believe it’s important to teach skills such as job interview skills and presentation skills alongside wellness and self-esteem subjects.  

We believe that…

Every single young woman is beautiful but when we look around, it’s easy to see that many don’t see that within themselves.  You can tell by the way they hold themselves, introduce themselves, dress, do their hair and make up and present themselves to the world.  You can tell by the way they treat themselves, nourish their bodies and even how they treat others.  Through our programs, students are encouraged to grow and develop their own unique beauty and style, find the special qualities that they have to give to the world and are given the tools to shine from within as responsible, compassionate and confident young women.

Our Values…

Compassion for self and others, wellness, presentation and professionalism are the core values behind Shine From Within.  When we are truly happy within ourselves then we will treat our body, mind and spirit with respect.  We will feed our bodies healthy, nourishing foods, we will present ourselves beautifully to the world and we will have the confidence to chase our dreams, blitz through job interviews and take care of the people and world around us with pride.

2019 Events

Tweens Course

Our Tweens Course is the first of it’s kind offering a modern, holistic approach which combines deportment subjects, wellness and self-discovery in a concise, fun way for girls aged 10-12 years old.

Our 2018 Tweens courses sold out weeks in advanced so book now for 2019!  Click below to learn more + book.

Our Mother-Daughter Retreat is the perfect place to renew and strengthen the bond you have with your daughter, encourage your daughter to develop healthy lifestyle habits all in luxurious Noosa accomodation.

Our 2017 retreat was amazing.  Bookings now open for 2019  click below to jump on the list.

The Shine From Within Teens Retreat is our signature week-long course and is designed specifically to help teen girls (13-17 y.o.) realise and develop their own unique beauty and confidence.

Our July 2018 course sold out so book in now for 2019! Click below to learn more + book.

We keep our Facebook Page events list up to date with our upcoming events + events from our trained youth mentors all over Australia and even some overseas. 

Get our free guide…

Current insights, tips & research about teens from the front line for parents, educators and mentors.

Amanda Rootsey, founder of teen holistic personal development school Shine From Within and coach to youth mentors all over the world, interviews experts about what’s going on for youth today.  From psychological insights to practical advice on how to hold a safe space for teens, it’s your short burst of inspiration and motivation amidst the crazy world of teens and tweens!

Thank you Amanda for taking the time to nurture young lives. Mackenzie enjoyed every moment of the Tweens Course and I have loved seeing her eyes light up when telling me about her fun day.

Janet Burchett,
mother of a Tweens Course student.

“Hey Amanda, I know this is completely out of the blue, but I wanted to thank you so much for the Shine Personal Development Course. Everything we covered throughout it is still of huge help to me today, and I’m sure it will be forever! It really helped me and it was all an absolutely amazing experience!”

Meg, Jan 2015.
Personal Development Course student
(from our first ever course in 2013!).

The program was brilliant and I highly recommend to parents for all girls. Amanda’s empowering the girls to love and believe in themselves and take care of themselves and not get caught up in all of the hype, pressures and negative influences that they will be faced with in today’s world. We are very fortunate to have had this course at our school and have such a caring and inspirational teacher like Amanda.

2015 parent of a primary school
Stand Out Program student

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Kaye Vlachos is a sporty soul sister & zen mumma inspiring & nurturing women to embrace their gorgeous life with her heart-centred guidance. She also works with elite athletes for a variety of outcomes, from improving their confidence to incorporating healthier eating habits into their busy lives. Her 15yr sports career, in which she represented NSW and Australia in football (soccer if you ask me!), and her education in human movement, health coaching, personal training and light working give Kaye a unique perspective, deep understanding and incredibly supportive approach. I love seeing Kaye with our students when she comes in to talk about mindset and reaching your dreams – she’s so gentle and loving and I’m excited to introduce you to her today!

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The school holidays feel like so long ago now but we’d love to share some of the fun we had with all of our courses during Dec/Jan! Check out all the photos and fun from our Sisterhood Evening, Jewellery-making workshop, modelling course, tweens course and signature Shine Personal Development Course!


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