How we support youth mentors!

 **note on the video: I start talking at 11secs so skip ahead! 🙂 

Ok so we’ve done LOTS since launching in 2012. What started out as a ‘side hustle’ doing what I felt called to do (empower teens to shine from within) has grown and evolved over the last 9 years.?

We have supported teens with:

  • holiday programs (3 days, week-long and 2 x 1/2 days for tweens)
  • mother-daughter retreats
  • in-school incursions, speaking and after school programs
  • night school personal development program
  • half day workshops on everything from nourishing your body to study skills
  • 1:1 mentoring in person and online

Most of what we offered for young people was in-person. It’s been a big 12 months of adjusting and adapting to the world we now find ourselves in. Right now we offer the following:?

  • an Online Academy for teens
  • a flexible 10-week curriculum called ‘Shine on the Inside’ for schools to purchase and deliver themselves
  • our best-selling book, ‘Shine From Within; a teen girl’s guide to life’ (out worldwide with Hay House)
  • some 1:1 mentoring but most of our in person events are on hold for the moment

But where we have the BIGGEST IMPACT is in training youth mentors.

Our award-winning 4 month online program, the Youth Mentor Training, gives adults the tools to nurture, mentor and hold a space for young people with support around them.

If you dream of creating a space for teens where they can:

  • be open and honest with no judgement
  • develop important life skills
  • & completely embrace the person they truly are within

Then you’re in the right place. If you want to:

  • empower them
  • help them feel like they are enough
  • & share what you’ve learned with them (while knowing you don’t have all the answers!)

Then how we support youth mentors might be of interest to you!

In the Youth Mentor Training you will learn how to connect with teens and tweens on their level, craft workshops and courses that could change their lives and do it in a way that supports your needs, strengths and lifestyle. The business of running programs for youth will also be covered, ensuring that you can reach and support as many bright young people as you want to, in a variety of formats (including online). You will gain the knowledge and tools to work with teens, mentor them and run successful, heart-centred workshops for them based on your strengths and passions.  

Currently, 256 graduated youth mentors from 19 countries, including Nigeria, China, Ireland, UK, France, Belgium, USA, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and more have completed the Youth Mentor Training since it launched in 2016.  Let’s help teens together!

The cool thing is, the Youth Mentor Training is just one part of a much bigger whole. We support mentors through various stages of their journey, from the beginning stages of figuring out if this is something they’d like to do, right through to our business incubator and paid opportunities to facilitate your own workshops in our Online Academy. It truly is a lifetime of support (and you even get lifetime access to the training!).  

As I share in the video (and somewhat in the above infographic) you can get started right away with us by exploring some of our free content.

  • You can take the free quiz, ‘Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Youth Mentor?’ and discover your youth mentor archetype here
  • You can listen to our podcast, The Youth Mentor Podcast here.
  • You can download the free eBook, ‘How Working with Teens Changed Their Life and Business’ here.
  • You can take the free masterclass, ‘Take Your Teen Programs Online’ here.
  • You can watch the free masterclass, ‘How to support teens in 2021’ here.
  • And you can register for the free mini training series here. 

And when you’re ready to go further and get the support you need to build or grow your youth-related business, come and join us in the Youth Mentor Training!

We also offer limited business coaching and consulting for more established businesses or folks who need a more personalised approach. Get in touch to enquire or request to book in a complimentary 15min call at youthmentors@shinefromwithin.com.au

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