SHINE Night School will give you the tools to nourish your body, mind and spirit, develop your own unique beauty and confidence and help you be the best version of YOU.  Depending on your needs and what you want to do, you can choose between the 7 week personal development course or the 13 week Model Masterclass.  Whichever course you choose, get ready for some life-changing, inspiring FUN!


"Dear Amanda,

You are such an inspiring woman.  I think what you're doing here is really really amazing.  Thank you so much.  I've really learnt a lot about myself and respecting my body.  I can't thank you enough.  Jess xoxo"

For more info and to book your place  in the SHINE Night School Personal Development Course, click here.



"Thank you so much for this week!  An amazing course that covers everything to help you become the best person you can be. From nutrition to mind set as well as model specific sections, it really does cover everything.  I've had the best time and learnt so, so much!"

For more info and to book your place in the SHINE Night School Model Masterclass, click here.

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