I’m sitting here feeling very grateful and content (and a little hungry actually) about the way 2015 has begun.  As I mentioned on the blog earlier in the month, I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful youth leadership camp down in New South Wales a couple of weeks ago which inspired me beyond measure.  And this week, I ran not 1, but 2 workshops here on the Sunshine Coast.

The 2 workshops were the Back 2 School Workshop (it’s debut) and the Nourish Workshop (which I had run once before in Brisbane in December last year).  I knew I wanted to bring the Nourish Workshop up to the coast and then as I got talking to some past students and our interns I realised there was a great need for a workshop that addressed time and stress management leading in to a new school year.  We also added in some powerful reflecting on 2014 and creating a clear vision for 2015.

So we ran the Back 2 School Workshop in the morning and the Nourish Workshop in the afternoon.  As it turned out, almost everyone booked in for both anyway.  Which was nice as they got to know each other a little throughout the day.  The girls who came were open, brave and happy to give anything a go, even when I got them up to have a quick dance to ‘Shake It Off’ so we could celebrate letting go of 2014.

SUnshine Coast fun!

Group work - time management discussion

Shake off 2014

how to create an awesome vision board with TK Byron


I’m so grateful for each girl that came along and for the support I received leading up to the workshops and during the workshops.  Two girls in particular, Issy Lynden and Christine Smith helped to bring the workshops together and were angels throughout the day.  Amazing speakers like health empowerment coach, Jessica Bean and Director of A Girl’s Essence, TK Byron also gave their time to create a beautiful day.  We also had some very generous donations of super food bars and bliss balls from Coconut Magic, NutraOrganics and Gaia Balls – thank you all so so much!

Food Demos with Students

sunshine Coast tasting station


Kat Harding came along at the end to take the girls through a gentle yoga sequence which was the perfect way to bring both workshops to a close.  The girls then wrote a love letter to themselves, sealed them up in an envelope with their address on it (not one of them has written their address on the envelope properly by the way – don’t they learn this at school?!) and I’m going to post these out to them later in the year.

Yoga class with Kat Harding

Writing love letteres


I look forward to running more workshops like these later in the year but for now, we’ll be focusing our time and energy on making our next Personal Development Course in the April school holidays the best yet!   I hope you can join us.  We’ve got $200 off until the end of January as an ‘early-bird’ special so now’s the time to book in.

Shine bright,