Kaye Vlachos is a sporty soul sister & zen mumma inspiring & nurturing women to embrace their gorgeous life with her heart-centred guidance.  She also works with elite athletes for a variety of outcomes, from improving their confidence to incorporating healthier eating habits into their busy lives.  Her 15yr sports career, in which she represented NSW and Australia in football (soccer if you ask me!), and her education in human movement, health coaching, personal training and light working give Kaye a unique perspective, deep understanding and incredibly supportive approach.  I love seeing Kaye with our students when she comes in to talk about mindset and reaching your dreams – she’s so gentle and loving and I’m excited to introduce you to her today!

I chatted with Kaye about her work with elite athletes in this interview – perfect if you have a son or daughter who has a vision to be the best they can be in their chosen sport.


You can find Kaye at Soul2SoulWellness.com.au or email her directly – kaye@soul2soulwellness.com.au

Facebook – www.facebook.com/soul2soulwellness 
Instagram –  @soul2soulwellness