We’re so excited to introduce you to some of our mentors in this new series of posts. This week meet Nicole from Inside Out Yoga. It’s been incredible to watch Nicole build this beautiful business and offer such inspiring and empowering events for teen girls. Enjoy learning a little more about her below:

Tell us a little about what you do:

I’m a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Facilitator and Make-up Artist and mum of two. My business name is Inside Out Yoga and my teen empowerment course is called Inside Out Beauty. I run Inside Out Beauty Teen Empowerment day retreats regularly in NSW. I have a very exciting Mother and Daughter Retreat called The Butterfly Jamboree which is an incredible experience. It’s outrageously fun and enlightening for all. The next one will be held at the Forgotten Valley Retreat in Wisemans Ferry in NSW in November 2019.

Would you mind sharing your “Why” with us?

To create a positive impact through building a bridge for young women guiding them back to their essence and inner beauty, through education that they have the power to transform their inner own self-image which leads to a more positive mindset leading to a better life. Also because I love to teach young women about the positive effects of yoga on mind, body and spirit.

If you could give one piece of advice to your teen self, what would it be?

I would say be bold, don’t hold back, dare to say exactly how you feel, stop caring so much about what others think about you, be gentle and kind to yourself, put yourself first, embrace your sensitivity and be proud of it, it’s ok to say no, value your worth and don’t assume others will appreciate your compassion…don’t waste time with those who don’t.

Be ruthless about what you love doing, follow your passion and what lights you up. Finally, there is a power inside you that no one can take away, the power of creation and you have it in spades.

Love and forgive yourself for all the times you didn’t listen to your gut and commit to being more authentic and quit comparing yourself to others, you are unique!


Where can we find you?

Inside Out Yoga website

Email: nicole@insideoutyoga.com.au

Inside Out Yoga on Facebook

Instagram: @inside_out_yoga

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