Do you want to experience what it’s like to be a model?  

Want to learn the tricks of the trade and how the industry works?  

Want to learn how to strut your stuff on the catwalk and know exactly how to pose for photos?  

Would you like to do it all in a nurturing, fun environment?  


Then the Model Experience is for you!

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Your Teacher…

Taught by our Director and Founder, Amanda Rootsey, who has modelled in Australia with one of the top agencies and internationally over the last 10 years, this course is designed to give you a taste of the industry in a fun way.

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What really sets this course apart from other modelling courses is that it covers everything in a concise and modern way (plenty of courses out there charge a fortune, claim to get you set up with their own bogus ‘agency’ and then teach very out-dated techniques) and we do it all in Shine From Within style – nurturing, fun and confidence-building.  

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The Model Experience is designed for any teen girl, whether you are simply interested in fashion and want to make sure the photos and videos you take look pro, want to learn how to pose or present to TV, want to make a career out of modelling or acting or simply want to learn some new skills, have a bit of fun and learn about this exciting and highly competitive industry.  You’ll walk away with new skills, increased confidence and the knowledge that if you do want to pursue this as a career then you know exactly how to go about it.

While some of our past students have now signed with Vivien’s Model Management, Hunter Management, Dally’s Models and Asha Model Management, this course is not strictly for ‘model types.’  Many of our students have simply used these skills to present themselves more confidently to the world.

You will learn:

* How to walk and cast for a runway show

* How to pose in a photo shoot

* How the business of modelling works

* Tools of the trade needed for each job

*How to cast for TV Commercials

Next course:

DATE: Tuesday 15 December 2015

TIME: 9am – 5pm

VENUE: Peregian Beach Community House

ADDRESS: 255 David Low Way, Peregian Beach QLD


We’re offering a few options to make sure we give you exactly what you’re after.  Option 1 is the full day Model Experience workshop.  Option 2 adds some one-on-one guidance and bonus training for those who are keen to explore their options in the modelling industry and Option 3 also includes our signature Personal Development Course to ensure you look and FEEL your absolute best.  See below to compare the options and secure your place.

*Please note, past students receive a discount.  Click here to book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. My daughter doesn’t really want to be a model but is interested in doing the workshop.  Is this right for her?

Absolutely.  This course is designed to be fun and nurturing while still covering a lot of content throughout the day.  It will be interactive, practical and provide tools that are not only useful for the modelling industry.  We encourage all girls who are interested to come along and have some fun with us.

2. My daughter really wants to become model but I’m worried about the industry.  Is it safe?

If your daughter wants to get in to modelling then I strongly recommend that she does this course because I have been in the industry a long time and can explain the pros and cons.  My initial concern with running a modelling course at all comes from the fact that the industry is not very nice for young girls so I don’t like the idea of encouraging more and more girls to go down this path.  It can be very harsh.  But I also realise that this doesn’t stop girls wanting to get in to it so if they are going to do it then I want them to learn with me so that I can prepare them in a gentle way.   I’ve also created this course to provide a fun insight in to the world of modelling, regardless of whether the students make a career out of it.

3. Will you get my daughter work as a model in the industry?

No.  Shine From Within is not a modelling agency.  This gives us a unique opportunity to provide un-bias guidance and suggest the best agency for you.  We have strong relationships with a number of the top agencies and can point you in the right direction.  I can’t stress how valuable this is – there are so many dodgy agencies out there who will approach girls at music festivals and in the street offering them the world, take their money and never give them any work.

4. What if my daughter is a bit younger than 13 or older than 17?

The suitable ages are a guide only.  If you feel that your daughter would benefit from this course then by all means, book her in.  We do have a course for girls aged 10-12 but, once again, if you think this would suit her better then please book her in.  We’ve had girls who are a little older join us as well.  Keep in mind that this is quite a full-on course running all day – if your daughter is younger than 13 please ensure that she will be OK for this long and will be able to handle learning about the modelling industry.

 5. Is lunch provided?

No.  Lunch is not provide for The Model Experience.  We will have fruit, snacks, herbal tea and water there but strongly encourage all students to bring their own lunch.  There are cafes and juice bars very close but we will not have enough time for students to go for a walk during this workshop.

6. What if we don’t live on the Sunshine Coast? Is accommodation provided?

The course is not a residential retreat so accommodation is not provided.  We have had a number of students come up from other states and they have made a family holiday out of it.  As this is becoming quite a common occurrence, we have a document with a range of local accommodation that is convenient for the venue.  Please get in touch after you have booked in and we’ll send this through to you.

7. Is there public transport nearby?

Yes.  There is a bus stop directly out the front of the venue – Peregian Beach Community House.  Please click on this link to see the venue on Google Maps and click on this link to see the public transport options.

8. Does this course include a photoshoot?

It depends on the option you choose.  The Model Experience workshop provides tutoring in photographic posing but does not include a photoshoot.  The Model + Me package includes some digital photos taken during the mentoring session specifically to approach agencies (a head shot and full length body shot) and the Model Masterclass package includes the Shine Personal Development Course which includes a full day professional photoshoot.

9. What’s the graduation?

The informal graduation will occur at the end of the workshop.  We invite parents along and the students will do a short parade and be presented with a certificate.

Haven’t answered all of your questions?  Please contact us by phone or email here.