The NOURISH workshop was a huge hit at it’s debut in Brisbane in December 2014.  So we’re bringing it to the Sunshine Coast in January 2015!  And of course, we’d love you to join us!


more energy?


inner peace?




glowing skin?

 Then this workshop is for you.  In just one inspiring afternoon, we’ll introduce you to some practices to develop your sense of worth and how to truly nourish your body from a place of love (rather than dieting).  We’ll introduce you to a whole bunch of delicious, healthy foods that provide energy and get that gorgeous skin of yours glowing (think food demos and tasting station) and we’ll finish the workshop with a beautiful set of movements on the yoga mat that will rejuvenate your energy and nourish your body in a gentle way.



The Details:

We ran the Nourish Workshop in Brisbane in December 2014 and on the Sunshine Coast in January 2015 (check out the photos here).  They were awesome!  We don’t have a new date planned for the next one but we do have the week-long Personal Development Course which includes most of the NOURISH workshop content.  We’d love you to join us!  Check out the details here.

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