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Sabine MacKenzie



Sabine McKenzie is a keynote speaker and the Director of teen prevention program Core Confidencebringing positive body image, self acceptance and self love to the forefront of schools, universities and communities – the perfect antidote to anyone’s inner meanie. Sabine is backed with a plethora of physical, mental and emotional health knowledge, learnt in the combination of her physiotherapy degree, pilates experience, wellness and life coaching as well as youth mentoring qualifications. As important as these papers are, her lived experience ensures an uncanny relatability to her audience. Sabine explains –
“Why wasn’t I taught this at school?”, was the sentence at the forefront of my thoughts as I discovered the world of self acceptance and self love. I was recovering from destructive disordered behaviours relating to food, exercise and body image – fighting against a very loud voice in my head that tried to convince me that I wasn’t “enough”. The discovery of my inner critic and more importantly, the inner bestie, became an integral part of my recovery and the drive to engage our youth in these concepts began. Core Confidence (established 2016) pioneers a new world of kindness; a kindness that starts from within. 

Coaching Area

Our focus lies in promoting positive body esteem. Providing peer mentoring for teens, young adults and parents struggling with body image concerns and/or disordered food and exercise behaviours. We offer coaching and program support to other mentors facilitating body esteem workshops. Our absolute passion is instilling the message of worth beyond image – living and teaching that what we have to offer this world has nothing to do with a pretty smile. This message is at the core of our school talks, workshops and 1:1 mentoring sessions.


Perth, WA, Australia


Website: www.coreconfidence.net and www.sabinemckenzie.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/coreconfidence.net

Instagram: @core_confidence_  and @Sabine.mckenzie 


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