Founder of The Blossom Guide, Jayde Robinson-Clancy has a background working in youth mentoring, youth development and with women experiencing domestic violence and mental health issues. Jayde has worked with various women’s committees including The United Nations Association of Australia’s Women’s Committee and has contributed to women’s rights and well-being causes.  She has a Bachelor of Social Science and has completed postgraduate studies in Community Development and Regional Education. Jayde is passionate about personal development and supporting young women to reach their full potential.

The Blossom Guide focuses on how external factors impact young women’s behaviours and attitudes. The program was created as a direct response to ‘hyper-sexualisation’ and its impact on young women.

She shares with us:

  • The difference between sexual health and sexuality
  • Sexuality is your capacity for sexual feeling, who you’re attracted to and how we express ourselves in the world.
  • How she introduces this topic into communities and how it’s received by schools and organisations
  • Her 5 sessions she covers including big discussions around porn, hyper-sexualisation in our society, respectful relationships and perception of women’s bodies.
  • How she respectfully and safely has these conversations with young people.
  • Why it’s important to talk about porn and some of the stats about this
  • Her strategies for unpacking these topics in a way that they feel comfortable discussing it and that’s also really fun for them
  • How she adapts the content for different ages between 13 and 24.

Links and research that Jayde brought up:

You can find Jayde at: theblossomguide.com
Reality and Risk – itstimewetalked.com.au
Girls & Sex book

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You can find Jayde at theblossomguide.com.

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