I feel very lucky today that I get to introduce you to Cameron Airen. Cam is a feminist mindset coach, gender consultant, writer and podcaster helping you reclaim your gifts, thrive and shine in the world, and increase your gender and social awareness so you can be more conscious and create the kind of change you want.   Cam’s focus is now on their new business, Feminist Coach Academy, which you can visit here.

This is one of the most important conversations I’ve had on the podcast – we’re diving into how society is gendered and what this all means, how this affects the young people around us, and how we can create inclusive, safe spaces for all students.  What I’ve learned from Cam is that we’ve all been socialised to be a certain gender, to live up to expectations and gender norms. Women should look this way..act this way, etc.  Because of this, we’re all affected by gender and THIS is something we all need to work on. Enjoy!

Cam no longer has the free cheat sheet on shifting your gendered language available online but there are a few free resources that might interest you at Feminist Coach Academy.

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You can find Cameron at feministcoachacademy.com 

I’d love to know what you thought about this episode….please leave a comment below if anything stood out for you from what Cameron shared.  And of course you can always comment below to let us know about any other people you’d like me to interview or any other topics you’d like us to cover.