In this episode I chat with the founder of Twenty8 aromatherapy, Mum, co-host of the very popular Up For a Chat podcast and self-care expert, Kim Morrison about being a role model not a supermodel, embracing technology to live in their world and her insights on parenting two teens.

In this interview we chat about:

– her tips for supporting teen girls.

– being a role model as a parent, not a supermodel who has it all figured out 100% of the time!

– what most teenage boys needs and how she deals with and diffuses challenging situations with her own teens.

– how to work in their world and understand where they’re at rather than expecting them to join us in our world.

– technology and the importance of embracing it to connect with our kids (within reason of course).

– protecting ourselves from online bullies and some tips for encouraging our teens to protect themselves too.

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Isn’t she beautiful?  You can find Kim at Twenty8.  

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