Mandy Dante is the CEO & Founder of Flourish Girl. She is an ex-speech pathologist, TEDx Speaker, Model and an Australian Accredited Facilitator. Mandy is the first-senior female facilitator at The Rites of Passage Institute and is paving the way for their school programs for teenage girls across QLD, VIC & SA. To date, Mandy has worked with over 4000 young people across Australia. Mandy’s passion originated from being a speech pathologist, where she empowered children with a range of communication disorders to find their voice. Towards the end of 2016, Mandy found that the rate of depression, anxiety and eating disorders amongst teenage girls were on a rise and it was in that moment that she found herself shifting her passion and focus towards giving teenage girls a voice. Flourish Girl is a not for profit organisation that delivers transformative Rite of Passage social & emotional wellbeing programs for teenage girls, parents & teachers.


In this episode…

  • How to create a space for teens to open up and raise their voice
  • Tips for working with teens in a school setting
  • Activism amongst teens and teaching them to understand other people’s opinions and giving them the courage to speak their mind
  • Tips for parents to hold a space for their teens to open up
  • Tips for mentors looking to work with teens within schools

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