In this episode I chat with Claire Curyer from White Blank Pages. Claire was diagnosed with dyslexia early on in her schooling and at the age of 11, she had the reading and writing of a 7 year old. Although the traditional schooling style and learning proved to be difficult for her, it did not hinder her ambition, which saw her successfully complete University and create a high achieving career. Now, as a career coach, she couples her professional career experience developed through a decade of hands of marketing experience, student engagement and project management over a diverse range of industries, with her personal breakthroughs to bring to you, grounded, relatable and modern mentoring.

In this episode Claire shares:

Tips on supporting young people with learning difficulties, including:

  • Being mindful of how we position a persons strengths or what they are goingt o be good at when they finish school
  • Adopting a growth mindset
  • Being mindful of how we give feedback
  • Not ‘pidgeon-holing’ someone into any area
  • What a learning difficulty is and how it might present
  • How to celebrate strengths, succeed at University and thrive in any career with a learning disability
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You can find Claire at:

Claire’s website: Whiteblankpages.com.au
Claire’s Instagram: @whiteblankpages_by_claire
Claire’s quiz: Mindset Quiz.

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