Youth mentor and founder of Girl Shaped Flames, Tanya Meessmann, shares how she built her business before diving into what this current generation of teens is really going through and how we can support them.

In this episode Tanya focuses on:

  • How Girl Shaped Flames came about
  • The evolution of her events from school programs to her inaugural Camp Courage
  • What’s really going on with teens right now, particularly around stress and overwhelm.
  • Pressure leads to stress leads to overwhelm.
  • Her new Focus Workshop and why she believes this is more important at the moment, rather than focusing on confidence.
  • An insight into parenting in this age.
  • The unique mix of what Gen Z is dealing with right now, including:
  • Financial instability
  • Terrorism – war can be considered ‘predictable’ whereas terrorism and threat could be imminent at any time
  • The threat to the environment and climate change, along with their inbuilt desire to do something about it
  • Technology – comes speed, necessity to operate at a faster speed, an overload of information to process and being ‘on’ constantly with social media
  • There are a lot of layers to what technology is bringing to teen’s lives.
  • It’s not their fault that they’re growing up in this world… but it is their responsibility to do something with their lives.
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