Welcome to our very first podcast episode!  This is a super short episode to simply introduce what it’s all about.

The Youth Mentor Podcast came about after launching our Youth Mentor Training.  I’ve been interviewing so many amazing experts who work with youth in a variety of ways for the training that I just knew I had to share some of these with the public.  The range of guests has expanded already to include coaches, parents, teachers, youth speakers, social media experts, bullying experts and more.  It’s all about sharing current insights, tips and research about teens from the front line for parents, educators and mentors.

Each episode is around 20 minutes long or even shorter so that they are a burst of information and inspiration for you (who has hours to listen to podcast episodes?!).

If you’ve got any suggestions or questions that you would like answered on the podcast, please feel free to comment below or shoot us through an email – youthmentors@shinefromwithin.com.au

Without further ado….here’s the first episode!

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