Wow.  We’ve had 36 beautiful girls enter our scholarship competition.  All we asked is that they complete this statement: “I would love to win this scholarship because..”

About half of the entries were completed by girls wanting to attend the course and half were completed by parents wanting this for their daughter.

The recipient will have a place in our April 2015 Personal Development Course, completely free of charge.

We’ve never done this before and have been absolutely blown away by the response, both by the quantity of entries and the heart-felt answers that each person provided.  Seriously…blown away.  And we’ve had a few tears reading them over.  But we have to make a decision and unfortunately we can only give a place away to one girl.  Though I can assure you that we’ll find a way to provide more scholarships in the future as this has really touched our hearts and made us realise how needed this is.

To protect the confidentiality of all entrants, we will not be sharing the details of the entries but I can say that we had a mixture of young girls wanting to ‘find their confidence and inner beauty,’ ‘treasure themselves,’ and ‘come out of their shell.’  We’ve had loving mothers and fathers sharing how they’ve struggled to watch their daughters’ get lost in the teenage years and do whatever they can to ‘fit in,’ including harming themselves.  We’ve had some parents share stories of a troubled upbringing and their wish to support their children anyway they can, where they are now, from children in foster homes or growing up in abusive households.  As you can imagine, to choose one person to win this scholarship has been incredibly difficult.  Every single entrant deserves a place in this course.

And before I announce the winner I just want to say THANK YOU.  Thank you for being brave and opening your hearts to us.


Please know this; no one can make or break your dreams.  You are enough, just as you are.  You have wisdom and strength within you beyond measure and everything that has happened in your life has shaped you in to the beautiful person that you are today.  You do not need to win this scholarship to be confident and happy.  You just need to believe that you are worthy of love.  Your love.

Not receiving this scholarship, or any other disappointment in life, cannot diminish your light or stop you from achieving greatness, unless you let it.  Whether you do this course or not, please know that I believe that you, whether you are a mother, father or girl, are truly incredible.  I respect the time you took to share your heart with us.  I respect your bravery and your courage.  I know that it’s hard to put yourself out there.

And, if you’ll let me, I’ll continue to support you via this website, with more content absolutely free.  I’ll continue to provide free workshops that I run for youth at risk of disengaging through various agencies, I’ll continue to provide half-day workshops, courses and one-on-one mentoring and I’ll find other ways to make more scholarships like this available.

Now, without further ado, let me share our beautiful winner:

The winner of the scholarship is Shiloh Miller.  Our panel, which consisted of Shine From Within team members, teachers and advisory members were all asked to provide their top 3 and Shiloh was at the top of the list for the majority.  We will get in touch with every person individually to thank them for their heart-felt entry and to see if there is another way we can assist them to be a part of the course.

And we cannot wait to have Shiloh join us for this course!  Every single student who has done this course has loved it and provided amazing feedback.  If you missed out on entering the scholarship competition, and since some of you have already asked, we do still have a couple of spots left in the April course.  And it’s actually already incredible value – worth over $3,000, it is just 990 (even less if you book in with a friend).  This includes 5 full days of learning from the most amazing teachers, in a nurturing environment.  It includes products to take home, practical classes and the inspiration you need to shine.  We never have over 15 students in a class and the girls always walk away as great friends at the end of it.  The feedback we receive from parents and students is always amazing, as you can see from our testimonials page.  

This course is designed to be life-changing.  The best of the best.  And we put our hearts and souls in to each one.  If there is a chance that you can join us, please do.  You won’t regret it.  And don’t be afraid to get in touch with me directly if you have any queries – I’ll do what I can to help you be here and be a part of the course.   Check out all the details here.

Thanks so much for your support and for putting your hearts out there.

Keep shining,

Amanda xx