Shine Personal Development Course

The Shine From Within Personal Development Course is our signature course and is designed specifically to help teen girls (13-17 y.o.) realise and develop their own unique beauty and confidence.  We don’t just teach them how to present themselves on the outside, but give them the tools to nourish their body, mind & spirit from the inside.  It’s been described as a modern deportment course with an holistic focus.  We spend lots of time on self-love and wellness and we use all natural and cruelty-free products, encouraging our students to treat themselves and the world around them with respect and love.


The Shine From Within team has taught hundreds of students with fantastic success.

Here’s what the Personal Development Course looks like…

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Skin Care Class

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You will learn how to:

EMBRACE your unique beauty with practical classes in natural skincare, make up, manicure & hair styling

FEEL CONFIDENT in your own skin by developing your self-esteem & positive body image

NOURISH your body with wholesome nutrition, yoga, women’s health & movement classes

COMMUNICATE with others confidently & ensure a positive first impression

FEEL PREPARED & confident for a job interview

CONSIDER YOUR PERSONAL BRAND & mindfully create your online presence

DEVELOP YOUR STYLE & dress to suit your body shape

UNDERSTAND how your choices impact others & the environment

SET FEELING-BASED GOALS & believe in yourself

SEE how beautiful you are & express your awesome self with a professional photoshoot

REALISE your true potential & SHINE FROM WITHIN!

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Course Structure:

The Shine Personal Development Course is suitable for girls aged 13-17.  It is conducted in 2 formats – a 5-day school holiday program and a 10-week night school.  Each course includes:

  • 30+ hours of face-to-face learning time with our Director, Amanda Rootsey & other industry professionals including beauty experts, hair stylists, wellness experts, professional photographers  & more (valued at $2400).
  • Professional Photoshoot with a nurturing photographer so that each student can SEE how beautiful she is – a small selection of edited, digital copies are provided to you (valued at $847).
  • Shine gift bag featuring a variety of high-quality, natural products (valued at over $100).
  • Healthy, organic snacks provided each day (valued at $100).
  • Lifetime student discount & free shipping for the Shine Online Store.

That’s over $3400 worth of value!

++ You’ll also receive a copy of our upcoming book, ‘Shine From Within: a teen girl’s guide to life’ in the mail when it’s ready in late 2017!  

Hear from some of our recent students…


Next Course: July 2017

DATES: Monday 3rd – Friday 7th July 2017

TIMES: 10am – 5pm

LOCATION: Peregian Beach, SUNSHINE COAST, Qld Australia

**For the first time, we’ve booked a beach house, overlooking the ocean for this entire week.  We don’t provide overnight accommodation but it’s a beautiful setting for the girls to come each day, connect with nature and learn in a unique setting.  We can’t wait!

PRICE: $1180

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents


1. What if my daughter is a bit younger than 13 or older than 17?

The suitable ages are a guide only.  If you feel that your daughter would benefit from this course then by all means, book her in.  We do have a course for girls aged 10-12 but, once again, if you think this would suit her better then please book her in.  We’ve had girls who are a little older join us as well.  Keep in mind that the school holiday course is quite long hours and the night school goes for 3 hours each evening – if your daughter is younger than 13 please ensure that she will be OK for this long.  We also cover subjects and group discussions such as job interview skills and relationships that may not be appropriate if the student is too young.

 2. Is lunch/dinner provided?

SCHOOL HOLIDAY COURSE: runs from Monday to Friday from about 10am – 5pm each day.  We will provide organic morning tea and afternoon tea each day but the students will need to bring their own lunch.  There is a full kitchen at the venue so they are welcome to store lunch in the fridge each day and use the facilities.  The venue is also a short walk from Peregian Beach centre, which has a number of cafes, sushi bar, juice bar and convenience store.  The beach is also very close too so we encourage the students to get out for a walk during the lunch break.

NIGHT SCHOOL: runs from 6-8pm each evening for 10 weeks (plus a full-day photoshoot during school holidays).  We will provide some organic snacks each day but dinner will not be provided.  There is a small kitchenette with a microwave, fridge and kettle at the venue if required.

3. What if we don’t live on the Sunshine Coast? Is accommodation provided?

The course is not a residential retreat so accommodation is not provided.  We have had a number of students come up from other states and they have made a family holiday out of it.  As this is becoming quite a common occurrence, we have a document with a range of local accommodation that is convenient for the venue.  Please get in touch after you have booked in and we’ll send this through to you.

4. Is there public transport nearby?

SCHOOL HOLIDAY COURSE: Yes.  There is a bus stop directly out the front of the April venue – Peregian Beach Community House.  Please click on this link to see the venue on Google Maps and click on this link to see the public transport options.

NIGHT SCHOOL: Yes.  The Maroochydore venue is very close to Sunshine Plaza.  Please click on this link to see the venue on Google Maps and click on this link to plan your journey via public transport (destination: 22 Beach Road, Maroochydore).

5. I’m paying just the deposit today. How do I pay off the remainder?

SCHOOL HOLIDAY COURSE:  Once we’ve received your deposit payment and booking form, we’ll get in touch with our bank details so that you can pay off the remainder in instalments at your leisure.  The full amount must be received BEFORE the course commences.

NIGHT SCHOOL: Once we’ve received your deposit and booking form, we’ll arrange your payment plan with you.  The next payment will not be due until the first week of the course.

6.  We live somewhere else and would like the course to be run in our hometown.  Is this possible?

We have arranged workshops in other towns or cities but require assistance in the local community.  If you believe the girls in your area could benefit from this course (or a modified version of it) and are happy to assist, please get in touch by phone or email here.

7.  I’m not sure if my daughter wants to do this.  Should I still book her in?

Most students turn up to our workshops or courses a little unsure of what to expect and nervous to be in a room full of strangers.  We quickly get to know one another and, to this date, we’ve always received 100% positive feedback from the girls after the course.  Simply turning up is a great exercise in feeling a bit of fear or nervousness and moving through it anyway to find a fun week ahead.  In saying that, there’s no point a student coming along who absolutely loathes the idea of being there so we leave it to your discretion as to whether you think  you should book your daughter/young person in.  Please feel free to ‘request a chat’ (box above) to chat further or call the mobile number listed on this website if you have any queries.

Haven’t answered all of your questions?  Please contact us by phone or email here.