Step into a world where self-discovery meets magic – introducing the Shine From Within Teen Retreat! This transformative week is tailored for 13 to 17-year-old girls (including non-binary, trans girls or boys, and gender diverse young people), creating a space where self-awareness, kindness, and connection thrive. We also sprinkle in a generous dose of adulting and life skills that will accompany them back into the real world – because let’s face it, life isn’t always a fairytale.

Imagine a week filled with life hacks and nourishing conversations that boost confidence and an array of tools to support their body, mind, and spirit. This isn’t an over-scheduled and over-stimulating camp – it’s a nurturing, flexible space for just 10 people, designed for every learning style and personality type. Whether you’re a gentle, introverted soul who might need a quiet space in the breaks to chill or are bursting with energy and ready to connect all day, we’ve crafted an experience that celebrates and honours your uniqueness.

Picture this: a non-residential retreat held in a holiday house on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast (somewhere between Noosa area and Peregian Beach). From 10 am to 5 pm each day, Monday to Friday, they’ll get offline for the week, embrace more of who they want to be, try stuff, play, laugh and learn from each other. Get ready to shine – because the magic begins here!


Fun Activities + rituals

Think gentle movement and yoga on the beach, exploring our values, learning about moon cycles and natural rhythms, making our own special blends of herbal teas and cooking demo’s to experience wellness in a whole new way and go home with more tools to combat stress and burnout.

Educational Classes

We’re all about getting hands-on with expert guest teachers and practical classes in natural skincare, make-up application, job interview skills, organic hair care and more. Fun stuff to support you to express yourself however you want to!

flexible format

With group discussions about friendships, communication skills, body image, self-worth, social media, etc, we’re devoted to providing space for the students to feel heard about whatever is most pressing for them at the moment. So we can go deeper and personalise it for the small group of students who come.

They’ll leave the retreat with a refreshed sense of joy, self-assurance, and a newfound connection to their inner shine.
“Your course was life changing for both of our girls – too much to put in to a few words here… They are both happy in their own company, embrace their uniqueness and don’t feel pressured to fit in with the popular groups because they know they are fine just as they are. You changed my girls’ world for the better this year and words cannot describe how grateful I am.”

Jo, mother who brought her daughters up from South Australia

hear from our students…

we want you to:

// EMBRACE your unique beauty with practical classes in natural skincare, make up & hair styling
(so you can express yourself in different ways if you want to!)

// FEEL CONFIDENT in your own skin by developing your self-esteem & body image
(note: you are PERFECT – we just want to help you see that too 🙂 🙂 )

// NOURISH your body and spirit and come up with your own strategy to help when life gets stressful

// COMMUNICATE with others confidently & introduce yourself

// FEEL HEARD and have a place where you can share and express different ideas

// PLAY WITH RITUALS and routines to take care of yourself and connect with nature

// FEEL PREPARED & confident for a job interview

// CONSIDER YOUR PERSONAL BRAND & mindfully create your online presence

// DEVELOP YOUR STYLE & play with expression

// UNDERSTAND how your choices impact others & the environment

// SET FEELING-BASED GOALS & believe in yourself (we’re life coaches and LOVE cheerleading you to do and be whoever you want)

// SEE how beautiful you are & express your awesome self with a professional photoshoot

// REALISE your awesome potential & SHINE FROM WITHIN! wooooooo!

“Sophie really enjoyed it and we would highly recommend it to others,” 

mother of a student

“Hey Amanda, I know this is completely out of the blue, but I wanted to thank you so much for the Shine From Within course. Everything we covered throughout it is still of huge help to me today, and I’m sure it will be forever! It really helped me and it was all an absolutely amazing experience!”

(from our first ever course in 2013!).

“I’ve been meaning to contact you just to say thanks so much for the wonderfully balanced course.   It’s great that she’s seen such positive role models in you and the other experts involved. You have topped up her confidence right at a time when she will need to stay strong with the new school year.

Thank you.” 

Leah, mother of a student 

“Your course was life changing for both of our girls – too much to put in to a few words here. Jess got a job at the local cafe 3 weeks after doing your course.  They are both happy in their own company, embrace their uniqueness and don’t feel pressured to fit in with the popular groups because they know they are just fine just as they are.  They are eating healthier and putting to good use the knowledge that you and Jess shared and are seeing the health benefits on a daily basis.  You changed my girls’ world for the better this year and words cannot describe how grateful I am.”

Jo, mother of 2 girls that she brought up from South Australia to do the course 

“Thank you so much for being such a great mentor and organising [this course].  It’s been so amazing, I just don’t want to leave!  You have been so inspiring in what you do along with all the other guest speakers and all the girls have been so lovely to me.”

Yasmin, student 

“Shine From Within is a great start to knowing how you can look and feel your best.  Amanda makes everyone feel so welcome to explore their own identity and style.  All the teachers are so knowledgeable in their diverse fields it is impossible to not take something new from every class.  It’s been two months since my attendance and I’m still learning and exploring what was started during that week.  My family has commented on how I’ve changed positively and I have no doubt everyone else around me has seen changes as well.” 

Joanne, a student who came up from Sydney  

“I just want to let you know how much Phoebe enjoyed the photoshoot and also how beautiful the photos are.  We thought they were done so beautifully and tastefully and really capture Phoebe’s essence – and what a great job they did on their make up!  She is really enjoying the course and the friendships she has made and I can see she has gained confidence as well as important life skills.”

Mother of a student   

what’s included:

The teen retreat is suitable for students aged 13-17.  It is conducted as a non-residential 5-day school holiday program set in a beautiful holiday house on the Sunshine Coast (it’s not a camp so you go home or back to your own accommodation each night so everyone can get a good rest).  The course includes:

// 30+ hours of face-to-face learning time with our Director, Amanda Rootsey & other industry professionals, professional photographers, trained youth mentors & more (valued at $2400).

// Professional Photoshoot with a nurturing photographer so that each student can SEE how beautiful they are – a small selection of edited, high-res, digital copies are provided to you (valued at $847).

// A mini graduation and celebration that family are invited to as well, on the Friday afternoon

// Healthy, organic food provided each day (valued at $250).

// a copy of our book Shine from Within; a teen girl’s guide to life (valued at $19.90)

// 3 months free access to our Online Academy after the retreat to keep connecting weekly over Zoom with Sunday check-ins, co-art sessions, co-study sessions and 100+ hours or creative, wellbeing, study and life skill classes ($105)

That’s over $3500 worth of value!

PRICE: AUD$1500 (payment plan: $260 per month) +GST


Bookings closed – register interest for 2025

We only ever have 10 spots available. Please make sure you’re registered on our interest list to hear about the next one!

here’s what it looks like…

** Note: all images featured on this website have been taken by our lovely, nurturing, talented photographers during the courses (there are no stock images here!)

The photoshoot

One of the highlights of this week-long course is a professional photoshoot at the end of the week.  The students learn how to apply their make-up in the morning, have fun with each other picking out outfits and then they spend some time with a nurturing photographer (sometimes 2!).  

Watching them on the day as they take a peak at the back of the camera and see, with their own eyes, how beautiful they are is a magical moment.

A few weeks after the retreat, you’ll receive a folder of edited, high-res and low-res digital images to keep – a beautiful keepsake and moment in time captured.

your host! 

Amanda Rootsey (she/they)

Amanda Rootsey is an award-winning life coach, author and passionate cheerleader for teens. Since launching Shine From Within in 2012, she’s held space for thousands of young people and trained youth mentors to start their own programs in 30+ countries through our Youth Mentor Training. She’s gentle and calming, makes sure everyone feels heard and loves hanging with young people. 

They founded Shine From Within after a two-year cancer battle led Amanda to re-evaluate her life, embrace healthy living and gave her a drive to encourage others to do the same – particularly teens! Amanda’s experience as a fashion model in Australia and Europe also introduced her to many folks struggling with body image issues and self-esteem, which lead her down the path of learning more about these issues and the preventative steps available.

She is deeply devoted to this work and highly qualified. Amanda is a Beautiful You Certified Life Coach (and International Coach of the Year 2023!), a Youth Mentor, a Twenty8 Certified Healthy Lifestyle Educator, has trained with the Butterfly Foundation on eating disorder prevention and positive body image and has completed courses in skin care and super food nutrition at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. She also has training in Accidental Counsellor theory, feminist coaching theory, menstrual cycle circle training with A Celebration Day for Girls, neuro-affirming principles, etc! Amanda also holds a Bachelor of Business Management from the University of Queensland.

Amanda and the mentors involved in this retreat have current Working With Children checks. Amanda is also DEEPLY protective of the students and only invites amazing, nurturing folks to run a session, volunteer or photograph the students.  

Bookings closed – register interest for 2025

We only ever have 10 spots available. Please make sure you’re registered on our interest list to hear about the next one!

Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQs - click to open

 What if my child is a bit younger than 13 or older than 17?

The suitable ages are a guide only.  If you feel that your child would benefit from this course then by all means, book them in. 10am – 5pm is a long day for some 12 or 13 yr olds (well, it’s a long day for us all!) but something to keep in mind. What we’ve always found in the past is that, even though it’s quite a broad age range, we always get the perfect group – sometimes it’s quite a young group, sometimes it’s mostly older students but it always seems to be the perfect blend – the older students are wonderful mentors to anyone a bit younger and the younger ones enjoy listening and learning from the older ones. We’re facilitating the space together all of the time, except for a longer lunch break so we do our best to make sure the conversation is always appropriate for the group and have enough support mentors there to spend some time one-on-one with someone if they bring up a more mature topic. 

 Is food provided?

The retreat runs from Monday to Friday from about 10am – 5pm each day.  We provide all food – morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch and you will be asked to share any dietary requirements on the booking form. All food provided will be vegan. There is a full kitchen at the venue so they are welcome to bring anything additional and use the facilities.

What if we don’t live where the course is being run? Is accommodation provided?

Accommodation is not provided.  We always have a few students attending who come up from other states and they make a family holiday out of it.  As this is becoming quite a common occurrence, we can chat with you about recommendations. Please note that we book different houses for the retreat each time we run it so the area is approximate – somewhere between Noosa area and Coolum area. 

Is there public transport nearby?

Maybe.  The venues we choose are usually close to public transport but if they are not, we’ll chat with you about how we can support you (even if it means picking the student up each day from the nearest bus stop).

I’m paying just a deposit today. How do I pay off the remainder?

Your payment plan will continue with payments taken automatically from the card you include on the same day each interval from the day you make the first payment. If a payment doesn’t go through, our system will try again in 2 days.

We live somewhere else and would like the course to be run in our hometown.  Is this possible?

We have arranged workshops in other towns or cities but require assistance in the local community.  If you believe the young people in your area could benefit from this course (or a modified version of it) and are happy to assist with the arrangements, please get in touch by phone or email here.  We have been training up lots of wonderful youth mentors all over the world so you might like to check out our directory of Certified Youth Mentors to see if they are running anything in your local area.

Should I book accommodation and flights etc as soon as I have booked my place?

We DON’T recommend booking anything other than your place initially. We need to make sure we have enough places for the retreat to go ahead so please hold off on any bookings. We won’t be liable for any losses if the course does not go ahead. When booking you’ll see our full terms and conditions of enrolment on the booking form.

I’m not sure if my child wants to do this.  Should I still book them in?

Most students turn up to our workshops or courses a little unsure of what to expect and nervous to be in a room full of strangers. We quickly get to know one another and, to this date, we’ve always received positive feedback from them after the retreat. Within the first 2 hours they have gotten to know each other a bit, have settled in and are having a good time. They’ve realised this isn’t like school and they’re not just sitting down and being talked at, they’ve felt that we hold a very calm and relaxed space and that there are spaces they can go to if they need a moment on their own. They’ve realised that this is a space where they can feel heard and where they can create new friendships.

Simply turning up is a great exercise in feeling a bit of fear or nervousness and moving through it anyway to find a fun week ahead. It’s great practice in getting comfortable feeling a little stretched or uncomfortable. In saying that, there’s no point a student coming along who absolutely loathes the idea of being there so of course we leave it to your discretion as to whether you think you should book your daughter/young person in.

Please feel welcome to book in a 15 minute Zoom call with Amanda to chat about this and then we can book an additional call in with your child too to tell them more about it, answer any questions they have, etc – no pressure or obligation. 🙂

What does a typical day during the course look like?

Each day is different and each course is different (depending on what we feel this particular group needs and wants) but this will give you an idea:

10am arrival and ice-breakers

10:30am first morning session of the day (e.g. a class all about natural skin care where we go through some theory and then get practical by doing a facial, making body scrubs and essential oil spritzers!)

11:30am second morning session (e.g. a discussion around friendships, boundaries and relating to others)

12:30pm lunch and free time

1:30pm – afternoon sessions begin (e.g. we may have a guest teacher come in to lead a particular class)

3pm – afternoon tea

3:30pm – second afternoon session begins (e.g. meditation or yoga down on the beach and a group discussion)

5pm – finish up for the day.

Usually on the Thursday we have a full day of learning how to do our own make up, styling and doing a photoshoot together (some group shots and some individual shots – you’ll receive a folder with edited full-res images a few weeks after the course finishes).

My child is worried that they won’t know anyone there. Do people normally book with a friend?

99% of the time, everyone is a stranger. It’s very rare that someone comes with a friend or sibling. They come along on their own and often end up forming some lovely friendships that extend beyond the retreat. Our 3 months of follow up community via Zoom after the retreat will continue to foster these relationships, no matter where people come from to join the retreat.

Haven’t answered all of your questions?  Book in a chat here or email us here: info@shinefromwithin.com.au 

We acknowledge and pay respects to the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we run our workshops and business.

We welcome students of all social, cultural, community and family backgrounds, and of all identities, and all abilities. Shine from Within is LGBTQIA+ friendly. Read our complete commitment to our social and environmental impact here.

Shine From Within® and Shine On The Inside® are registered trademarks of Amanda Rootsey T/A Shine From Within ABN 79216354231