1:1 Youth Mentoring Biz Bundle product


Purchasing the 1:1 Youth Mentoring Biz Bundle here in our Online Store allows you to add the bundle to the cart and select Afterpay as an option. Perfect if you’d prefer to pay it off in instalments. If you’d like to pay in full, we recommend using this booking form instead as it will save you a step. 

If you’re a mentor or coach wanting to work more one-on-one with young people, and you want to make sure you’ve got your ‘ducks in a row’ then this is for you. You'll find a more comprehensive sales page here: https://youth-mentor-training.com/one-on-one-youth-mentoring-bundle/ but we've added this to our online shop to give folks interested in the bundle an option to purchase using AfterPay.

  • On-boarding processes + templates
    • Editable Google Docs/Word Docs and PDFs to support you to bring a client from interested to paid client (with all the terms/waivers signed for peace of mind).
  • Documents to support your clients
    • Session notes template, session framework, evaluation/feedback form templates, scope of practice and risk management documents.
  • Sales page copy + pricing guidance
    • Suggested sales page text to copy and paste into your own website/event listing and guidance to price your mentoring well for your business, community and in the market.
  • 16 client worksheets!
    • Fun worksheets to deepen the experience of coaching with you. You can even edit them to reflect your own branding!
  • 100 powerful questions!
    • A list of 100 powerful questions to ask your client to prompt future-oriented thinking and empower their own decision-making.