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Kylie’s Professional Mineral Foundations are the best we’ve come across.  They are 100% pure, chemical-free, vegan and of superior professional quality.   We’ve searched high and low for a brand of make up that is vegan, natural, Australian-made and actually works!!  Kylie’s is a professional range, for make up artists which means that the foundation gives smooth, flawless coverage with strong colour pigments to ensure you only need a small amount each time.

What we REALLY love about this foundation is that it is healing on the skin, meaning it is helpful with acne and pigmentation problems for healing and concealing.  We find that out skin feels softer and more beautiful the day after wearing this foundation – you could even fall asleep in it (though we don’t recommend this!) and your skin would be fine.

The foundation can be applied sheer or heavier to suit any skin or occasion. We find that applying two fine layers is always better than one thick one.  It will protect against the sun, is water resistant and long lasting.  You can even wear the mineral foundations while exercising!  It is non-clogging, allowing your skin to breath.

See below for colour options.  If you would like to try a couple of samples first, Please send us an email with 2 or 3 colour options that you think you would be and we can send you some samples.

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foundation colours

Size: 8g


1-EnchantENCHANT: Very fair/yellow/warm/natural for very fair, milky to creamy complexions


2-CherishCHERISH: Very fair/pink/natural for very fair, cooler to neutral complexions


3-delicateDELICATE: Fair/pink/natural for fair cooler to neutral complexions


4-purePURE: Fair/yellow/warm/natural for fair creamy complexions


5-angelANGEL: Light/yellow/warm for light creamy complexions with soft yellow undertones


6-goddessGODDESS:Light/med/neutral for light to medium complexions with a pinker or neutral undertone


7-HeavenHEAVEN:Light to light/yellow/warm for light creamy yellow complexions with yellow undertones


8-angelicANGELIC: Light/med/natural/neutral for light to medium complexions with a pinker or neutral undertone


9-aphroditeAPHRODITE: (Popular for fake tans & Asian skin) Light/medium/yellow/warm for light to medium creamy complexions with yellow undertones


10-faithFAITH: Med/natural/neutral for medium complexions with a pinker or neutral undertone


11-wonderWONDER: (Great for fake tan) Medium/yellow/warm for medium golden tanned complexions with yellow undertones


12-arialARIAL: Med/dark/neutral for medium tanned complexions with a neutral undertone


13-venusVENUS: (Great for fake tan) Med/dark.yellow.warm.natural for medium tanned complexions with warm or neutral undertones


14-divineDIVINE: (Great for fake tan) Dark/natural/warm for dark tanned complexions with yellow or neutral undertones


15-sacredSACRED: Dark/warm/natural for dark complexions with yellow or neutral undertones


16-cocoaCOCOA: Dark/brown/natural for dark complexions with yellow red black or neutral undertones


17-AllureALLURE: Dark/warm/natural for dark complexions with caramel undertones



Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica, May Contain Kaolin, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue.


This foundation may be brushed on dry with a Kabuki Brush, sponged on wet or mixed with your moisturiser or foundation primer for an instant liquid foundation.  They can be used with or without setting powder.

If you have dry skin, you can apply wet and you can even rehydrate throughout the day if you need to by spraying your face with a facial hydrating mist or even patting extra moisturizer over your foundation.   If you are prone to oily or perspiring skin, apply dry and if you find your skin is oily again later in the day, just pat your face dry gently and dust on some setting powder or a light dusting of the foundation.



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Cherish, Enchant, Delicate, Pure, Angel, Angelic, Goddess, Aphrodite, Faith, Wonder, Arial, Venus, Divine, Sacred, Cocoa


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