Pro Traveller Make Up Brush Set


From the very first time we tried one of the new ‘Super-Synthetic Style’ brushes we were hooked!  The bristles are super soft and contain no animal hair – yay! – which means they are durable, easier to clean and are much more resistant to bacteria.  They are also great for sensitive skin.  This new travel kit is super stylish and has all the essentials.


A professional quality, vegan brush set with seven essential brushes.

These brushes have a rare full sized head with a three quarter size handle

These brushes love minerals and being synthetic are softer, anti-bacterial and cruelty free. protect your valuable brushes while on the move.

This set comes in a compact, easy to clean black vinyl Brush Roll that will protect your valuable brushes while on the move.

Closed size: 20cm x 10cm







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