Shine From Within; a teen girl’s guide to life book


Shine from Within is exactly what teenage girls are looking for to help them navigate their teens with a positive, fresh take on self-image and overall wellbeing. Amanda Rootsey brings a wealth of experience from her own teenage years and from her work mentoring teenage girls.

This book is fun and relatable. If you’ve been looking for an inspirational gift for your daughters, grand-daughters, nieces, god-children, or a special teen girl, Shine From Within is the perfect choice.

Every teenager deserves to be validated, accepted and to have strong self-esteem to ensure they build positive, healthy relationships with their peers, family and friends.

This book is packed full of practical advice. It includes:

  • Steps to gain more self-confidence
  • Fun, inspiring breakout quotes
  • Relatable mini-stories from real teens
  • Tips for job interviews
  • Self-care tips + DIY beauty recipes
  • Fashion advice for every body shape
  • Etiquette for different social situations #nomoreawkwardmoments
  • Advice to be a good custodian of Mama Earth
  • Guidance on tuning into your values + magic

Shine From Within will help any teenager to navigate through these years with confidence and joy. 

**Girls aged 16/17 love this book, but it’s also appropriate for tweens to grow up with.**

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Life-Changing! As a 13-year-old girl, I found that this book really spoke to me and gave me advice that most teenagers girls may not know they need to hear but will definitely be happier after reading this book.

The light-hearted feel of the book makes it feel like your talking to a friend or a really cool Auntie.

I would recommend this for any teenage girl as when I am in difficult situations I find myself remembering what I read in her book and using her advice.

The book is split into 3 sections which if I remember are Shine from within, Shine on the outside and Shine to the world. They cover topics such as values, positivity, happiness, motivation, eating, movement, menstrual cycle and social media and friendship groups. I will definitely be rereading this book and hope to reread it every year throughout the teenager period of my life.

When reading it I felt happy and always came out of it feeling more motivated and positive. Can’t recommend it enough!”

Review by Books4Izzy online
Age: 13


“I LOVED it all. Loved the ‘dream a little dream’ tips, loved how you talked about periods, LOVED the ‘food feels’ and I especially loved that it’s REAL and not sugar-coated.”
An amazing 16 year old


“It’s crucial to invest in the next generation and this book is an important tool that parents, teachers and caring adults can provide to the teen in their life. Shine From Within combines inspiration with practical skills for teen girls to become the best version of themselves.” 
Author of The Grown-Up’s Guide to Teenage Humans


“Shine from Within is a beautiful book that every teenage girl should read. I have great concerns about the number of girls struggling and not realising that their uniqueness, quirks and differences are what actually makes them so wonderful and special.  Amanda shares openly from her own personal experience and provides countless ideas to support teenage girls. Importantly though she does not say that there is only one way to be happy and successful, she wants each girl to be herself and to find her passion from within…..and as far as I am concerned there could not be a more important message.” 

Founder, Rites of Passage Institute and Author, The Making of Men


About the Author

Amanda Rootsey is a cancer-survivor, former international model, inspiring speaker and gentle guide. She has qualifications in life coaching, eating disorder prevention, young people’s mental health and technology, skin care and more.  She’s been guiding teens for the past 15 years, supports parents and trains youth mentors across the globe. Amanda has been mentioned in The Collective as a gamechanger, has shown the hosts of The Today Show how to use food as make up and has been described as an ‘eco-activist’ by Cleo.

Amanda has helped thousands of young girls through her holistic self-development school, Shine From Within, which has struck a chord with families due to its focus on self-love, compassion for others and healthy living. Her positive, yet calming attitude provides a nurturing environment for her young students and youth mentors.

This is her first book.

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