Master Your Mean Girl!

I got to interview my beautiful friend Melissa Ambrosini about her new book, Mastering Your Mean Girl. Mel shares her incredible story of living what looked like a dream life on the outside (think roles on Home & Away, dancing in the Moulin Rouge in Paris) while ‘dying on the inside’ until a series of health scares forced her wake up. And thank goodness for that…she’s now helping women all over the world build up their self-love muscle!
Watch the video to learn how to master your own mean girl, including her 3 simple steps for choosing love over fear. I highly recommend that all girls watch this and get this book!

First School-based Program for the year!

First School-based Program for the year!

Out Stand Out Program is designed to give students the tools and confidence to shine, at school! We run a 6-week after school program for primary school and high school.

Our first one for the year has just completed and we absolutely LOVED it. We think the students did too! In fact we know they did. Check out some of the images and testimonials below.