"I was so impressed with the program.  Molly got so much out of it and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for all teenage girls.  I think it is really hard to be a teenage girl in year 8 and 9 at this particular time when social media can cause a lot of problems.  I love that the girls have set up an Instagram group chat that includes Amanda and they all still support each other and can stay in touch.  I think we may be back again next year!  Thank you Amanda for developing such a wonderful workshop that caters for such a tricky stage for teenage girls," parent of a Personal Development Course student, July 2017

Aimee Hodge, Marketing Manager Noosa Civic Shopping Centre

"It was an absolute pleasure to have Amanda host workshops in our Shopping Centre as part of our Mindfulness Campaign. To be able to offer tween girls in our community a holistic approach to wellness in a fun way was fantastic. All workshops were fully booked with a waiting list in advance, which highlights the popularity and need for this mentoring in our community. We’ve had very positive responses from both parents and students that took part."


"Sophie really enjoyed the professional development program and we would highly recommend it to others," Shelly.  Her daughter Sophie completed the September 2016 Personal Development Course.


"It inspired me to feel more confident and brave about myself and I really enjoyed the course, it was amazing!  My favourite subject was skincare because I enjoyed learning about our skin,"  Tweens Course student in April 2016


"Hey Amanda, I was just thinking of you and thought I would send you a message to express my gratitude. Thank you so much for the time you spent mentoring me. This time was very special to me and I learnt a lot and still have a lot more to learn on my journey through life....I hope you are well and thank you again I am so grateful. xxx"  (Ava, 14, July 2016.  Ava did a school-based program with us in 2015 and a one-on-one mentoring series in 2016)


Julia Dickenson

"Amanda, thank you so much for providing such a beautiful space for our young girls to start their journey of self discovery.   Mia was so thrilled to take part that on day one she walked out saying she would “never regret going”.  As the mother of a young girl I am grateful that amongst all the awful messaging out there for our girls, you are truly shining a bright light.
On day two she just gave me a big hug and said a huge "Thank you Mum".
Well done and keep up the terrific work that you are doing :-)"
With gratitude,
Julia Dickenson
(parent of Tweens Course student July 2016)

Yvette Luciano

"Amanda Rootsey is a light beam who is guiding young women to step up and shine from within.  A true joy to work with and witness light up the lives of all beings who cross her path.  Mandy is the most gentle, humble and loving soul I've ever met," Yvette Luciano, Founder and CEO of Earth HQ.


"I’ve been meaning to contact you just to say thanks so much for the wonderfully balanced Personal Development course.   It’s great that she’s seen such positive role models in you, Christine and the other experts involved.  You have topped up her confidence right at a time when she will need to stay strong with the new school year. Thank you."  Leah, mother of a Personal Development Course student Jan 2016


"The program was brilliant and I highly recommend to parents for all girls. Amanda's empowering the girls to love and believe in themselves and take care of themselves and not get caught up in all of the hype, pressures and negative influences that they will be faced with in today's world. We are very fortunate to have had this course at our school and have such a caring and inspirational teacher like Amanda," 2015 parent of a primary school Stand Out Program student.

Jo Day

"Your course was life changing for both of our girls - too much to put in to a few words here. Jess got a job at the local cafe 3 weeks after doing your course.  They are both happy in their own company, embrace their uniqueness and don't feel pressured to fit in with the popular groups because they know they are just fine just as they are.  They are eating healthier and putting to good use the knowledge that you and Jess shared and are seeing the health benefits on a daily basis.  You changed my girls' world for the better this year and words cannot describe how grateful I am,"  Jo, mother of Jess and Hannah.  Jo brought her girls up from South Australia to complete the Personal Development Course.


"Shine From Within is a great start to knowing how you can look and feel your best.  Amanda makes everyone feel so welcome to explore their own identity and style.  All the teachers are so knowledgeable in their diverse fields it is impossible to not take something new from every class.  It's been two months since my attendance and I'm still learning and exploring what was started during that week.  My family has commented on how I've changed positively and I have no doubt everyone else around me has seen changes as well," Joanne - student who came up from Sydney to attend the Personal Development Course.


"I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to experience the Shine from Within course!  I learnt so much and I had so much fun. It was nice doing something different for a change to gain confidence and help me feel good about my self again.  Thank you so much!"  Amy, 2014 Personal Development Student.



"Thanks so much for the opportunity for Chels to attend the course.  She loved it and I'm sure what she learnt will stick with her and benefit her for a long time to come,"  Renee, mother of Chelsea - Personal Development Course student 2014.


"Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you put in to running this course.  It's certainly helping Rach to Shine From Within," Vanessa, mother of Rachael  -Personal Development Course student 2014.

Meg Vivian

"Hey Amanda, I know this is completely out of the blue, but I wanted to thank you so much for the Shine Personal Development Course.  Everything we covered throughout it is still of huge help to me today, and I'm sure it will be forever!  It really helped me and it was all an absolutely amazing experience!"  Meg, Jan 2015.  Personal Development Course student (from our first ever course in 2013!).


"It's nice to see the girls all looking so happy within themselves [in the photos], they are all shining from within!"  Kelly, mother of Hannah - a 2014 Personal Development Course student.

Rachel, Free Spirit Girl

"Gosh you were AMAZING... We couldn't stop talking about how adorable, sweet, gentle and grounded you are on stage.  Such a beautiful presence to balance out some of the craziness - everyone adored you!"

Zig Zag Young Women's Centre

“There is no doubt that your facilitation style – so easy going, inclusive, and warm – contributed greatly to how the young women experienced the session.  You gave so generously of your time, resources and knowledge, and the young women, (and boy! ), who attended, all really enjoyed the day,”   Zig Zag Young Women’s Resources Centre.


"My favourite parts were listening to Amanda and Jess's health journeys, as well as the meditation.  I loved the idea of nourishing my body, mind and soul and after leaving the workshop I felt content with new knowledge and a bit zenned out after Tara's meditation!  I loved the experience, the mentors and I had a lovely day,"  Paige, 14.  Attended the Brisbane 2014 Nourish Workshop.


"At the end of the workshop I felt healthier and inspired.  I really enjoyed discussing and looking at foods which we put in to our bodies and healthier alternatives to nasty foods," Grace, 16.  Attended the Nourish Workshop.


"I am always looking for ways to lead a healthier, happier life and I loved the whole workshop.  It was an excellent afternoon in such an amazing environment surrounded by beautiful, supportive people.  Amanda was so friendly and when we chatted at the end of the workshop it felt like I was catching up with an old friend," Melinda, 22.  Attended the 2014 Brisbane Nourish Workshop.


"I wanted a new experience and to learn to nourish myself and feel confident.  I loved it, particularly the taste testing, yoga and meditation.  I gained so much!" Mackenzie, 14 (attended the 2014 Brisbane Nourish Workshop)

Jess Richardson

"Thank you so much for giving me the courage to put myself out there in the modelling industry.  It resulted in me being signed with Dally's Models in Brisbane.  They particularly loved my runway walk!  I would have never been able to get started without the help and guidance of Amanda Rootsey and the Model Masterclass," Jess Richardson, Model Masterclass student 2013.

Janet Burchett

"Thank you Amanda for taking the time to nurture young lives.  Mackenzie enjoyed every moment of the Tweens Course and I have loved seeing her eyes light up when telling me about her fun day,"  Janet Burchett, mother of a Tweens Course student.

Brydie Fuller

"I had so much fun at the course meeting new people and learning all new stuff!"  Brydie Fuller 2013 Tweens Course student.

Tayla Spier

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for being such a positive part of my year!  Meeting you and learning from you has literally changed my life.  After the course I look at things very differently, have realised how yummy healthy food can be and I believe you have helped transform me in to a better me,"  Tayla Spier, who has done some one-on-one mentoring, the Shine Personal Development Course, the Model Masterclass & the Nourish Workshop.

Jackie Hilleger (Mother)

"Thank you for being such a great role model in my daughter's life. She comes home every Monday beaming and telling me all about the great things she has learned," Jackie Hillegers, mother of Brylie.  Brylie completed the Shine 2013 Night School.

Natasha Leviston

"I just want to let you know how much Phoebe enjoyed the photoshoot and also how beautiful the photos are.  We thought they were done so beautifully and tastefully and really capture Phoebe's essence - and what a great job they did on their make up!  She is really enjoying the course and the friendships she has made and I can see she has gained confidence as well as important life skills," Mother of Phoebe, who completed the Shine From Within Personal Development Night School.

Kim Morrison

"I am so excited to be a part of this incredible initiative and to work alongside the amazing Amanda Rootsey. Shine From Within is an extraordinary opportunity for young women to really get what they are about and to investigate positive self-esteem, self-care and self-worth. I recommend this course to ALL women wanting to be their absolute best version of themselves, its about finding that inner spark and shining the light for all," Kim Morrison, Best-selling author of Like Chocolate For Women and creator of Twenty8 Skincare.


"Dear Amanda,

You are so inspiring, you are so friendly and caring.  What you're doing is amazing and I'm so glad I decided to do the course.  Thank you so much!"


"Thank you so much for this week!  An amazing course that covers everything to help you become the best person you can be. From nutrition to mind set as well as model specific sections, it really does cover everything.  I've had the best time and learnt so, so much!"

Jess L

"Dear Amanda,

thank you so much for your inspiring words and wealth of knowledge.  You are such an inspiration!  And a shout out to Davey for the food runs - much appreciated.  Mwah, Jess L."


"Dear Amanda,

Thank you so much for making the Shine program.  I have learnt heaps and it has been a great experience.  Thank for being a great role model.  Courtney xx"


"Amanda!  First of all you are a legend!  You are incredibly lovely!  I am so thankful for this course, I have learnt so much!  Love from Mahana xx"


"Dear Amanda,

Thank you so much for teaching and inspiring me to eat healthy and take care of my body.  I have learnt so much over the last few days.  Thank you also for the wonderful food you give us every day.  Much appreciated.  🙂  Alina"


"Thank you so much for being such a great mentor and organising SHINE.  It's been so amazing, I just don't want to leave!  You have been so inspiring in what you do along with all the other guest speakers and all the girls have been so lovely to me."


"Dear Amanda,

You are such an inspiring woman.  I think what you're doing here is really really amazing.  Thank you so much.  I've really learnt a lot about myself and respecting my body.  I can't thank you enough.  Jess xoxo"


"You are so inspiring and I wish one day I could be helping people the way you helped me and all the other girls who signed up for the course.  You are the most beautiful and kind person I have ever met.  Thank you.  Hannah x"