Jade is a 16 year old student from Melbourne, Australia who loves being active and outdoors.

At age 12, Jade completed the trek to Everest Base Camp andin April 2016, Jade became the youngest person in history to ski to the North Pole from anywhere outside the Last Degree. That year she was recognised by Australian Geographic Society as Young Adventurer of the Year.She also gave a TEDx talk in Melbourne aimed at inspiring young women to ignore societal pressures and to think adventurously.

In June 2017, Jade made history again by completing the 550km traverse of the Greenland icecap unsupported and unassisted – the youngest woman ever to do so.

In January 2018, Jade completed her polar quest and in the process became the youngest person to ski coast to South Pole unsupported and unassisted, the first Australian woman to do so, the first woman to set a new route to the South Pole unsupported and unassisted, the youngest to both Poles and the youngest to complete the Polar Hat Trick.


Jade is inspired to share her goals and vision and lives by three hashtags…

  • #expandpossible – shift the focus to what our bodies and minds can do and discover the incredible possibilities that we are capable of contributing to this world.
  • #bravenotperfect – Jade wants to encourage young people to choose bravery over perfection.
  • #climatechange – she feels a responsibility to learn as much as she can about global warming and to play a much more active role in this area in years to come.



In 2018, she was recognised by Vogue magazine as one of the year’s Game Changers, was awarded one of ten Women of Style awards by InStyle magazine, alongside Elle Macpherson and Delta Goodrem, and spoke on behalf of Oceania at the Opening Ceremony of Pope Francis’ International Climate Change Conference at the Vatican.

We are so inspired by what Jade has achieved at such a young age! Keep in eye out for her book launching in September and check out her website to find out all about her expeditions!