Have you been dreaming of a retreat? I bet you have a bucket list destination, but there are a million reasons why you’ll do it ‘next year.’  Most people hold themselves back out of fear, but I don’t want to presume to know your reasons.  Particularly if you’re a parent, I can only imagine that there are always so many other things you ‘should’ spend the money/time/energy/insert-anything-else-here on.  

If you’d like to see your dream trip come to life though and understand more about why you need to make it happen, dive into this blog.  You’ll learn the power of the pause and even how to create a retreat at home if a big fancy trip isn’t on the cards for you right now.

Power of the Pause

With overflowing plates of work, wellness, and family, it’s easy to overlook the importance of slowing down. We all need time to pause. We believe retreats aren’t a luxury, but a necessary part of well being. For you and your daughter.

Peaceful Rest

Broken sleep is a sign that you have too much on your mind. Lack of sleep = poor focus.  Take note for you AND  your daughter.  Do you ever notice that you get the BEST night’s sleep at a hotel? How come? When you distance yourself from the things in your life that stress you out, your body can relax deeply.  It may be time to retreat.

Creative Boost

Exploring a new culture exposes you to new colours, cuisine and music. Your senses are on a high.  You get to see life from a new perspective.  You often realise how lucky you are and get new inspiration.  You’ll return home bursting with new ideas!  It may be time to retreat.

Connect in a New Way

Retreats welcome authentic connection in intimate settings.  You get to open up deeply, in a way that sometimes can’t happen in your usual environment.  Lasting friendships form to support you in your journey.  It may be time to retreat.

At-Home Retreat with Your Daughter

Creating joy at home heals you. Doing what you love with those you love lowers your blood pressure and calms your nervous system. Best of all, it sets a powerful example, so that your daughter (or another young person in your life) will choose a balanced life too.  Look at your calendar and schedule a time to pause with your daughter, longer than a 5-minute cup of tea. You’ll feel alive again!  It may be time to retreat.

A tip!

Intentionally turn off technology to tune into each other.  Send the rest of the family on a shopping spree or walk on the beach.  Simple things like waiting for a face mask to dry while watching your favourite movie become cherished memories.  Take a selfie.  Make the moment last.

This could feel a little strange at first. Don’t let the to-do list become more important than gentle moments spent together with your loved ones.  Claim time for a monthly Mum and Girl Day.  The laughter and girl talk will be so healing, you won’t be able to stop your new tradition.  Getting to know even more about each other.

Did You Know?

When you actually remove yourself from your usual surroundings and go away, you increase your mental power. Research by the University of California Irvine’s Gregory Hickok found that our brains don’t have a reserve pool to gather energy and power from. Vacations can help reset your mind. Healing doesn’t happen when you’re constantly under pressure. Healing happens when you get away.  It may be time to retreat.

If you want to really immerse yourself in a mother-daughter bonding experience, join us for the Mother-Daughter Retreat with Kim Morrison and Amanda Rootsey. Click the image below to hear from your retreat leaders:

Meet us Friday 5th – Sunday 7th May 2017 in Noosa Heads, QLD Australia. The curated activities will help you rest, feel creative, and connect.  It may be time to retreat.