Our New Teen Inspo Cards!
Bring a little joy and inspiration into your day with this magical card deck, created for teens, by teens.  
Watch the short video above to hear the story of the cards.

Look what our teens made!!! Would you love a unique and meaningful way to inspire and empower yourself and the teens and tweens in your life? Look no further than the Teen Inspo Card Deck – a project designed for teens, by teens!

This deck of 40 cards is packed with inspiring messages, journal prompts, mini actions and affirmations all created to help teens find a moment of calm, boost self-awareness and feel inspired and motivated. 

But here’s the best part: this project was created entirely by teenagers themselves. Yep! A group of motivated and passionate teens in our Online Academy came together to design this fun and uplifting card deck, from the words to the illustrations, and now they need your help to bring it to life. By supporting this project and getting an awesome deck of cards to use with the young people in your life, you’ll be investing in the future of our youth and showing them that their ideas and voices matter.

A lot of them were struggling with school stress and overwhelm at the time and they wanted a creative outlet that was purposeful and could help other teens in the same situation.

A hand-written message from the creators:

“Us teens at the Online Academy created this deck of cards to bring a little bit of joy and inspiration into your day. Inside this box you’ll find 40 cards – ten affirmations, ten journal prompts to get you thinking, ten mini-actions to keep you inspired and ten pieces of advice from us teens. 

Feel free to use this pack of cards however you like – you could pick out a different type of card each day, or just pick a card when you need inspiration! Share it with a friend or use it by yourself – use them in whatever way works for you. 

You’ll also notice our little cat mascot, Atlas Atticus Bridgewater III, popping up every so often. He likes to surprise teens and send some good vibes their way every now and again.”

Kira, Kaitlin, Steph, Parker, Madhumalika, Juliette, Atlas, Ruby and Katharina! (these are the teens who specifically created the card deck. They joined us from US, India, New Zealand and across Australia).

We launched the card deck through a crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, earlier in the year and were overwhelmed by the response! We reached and exceeded our goal and have just finished fulfilling all of the pre-order pledges. 

If you missed out on the Kickstarter and would like a deck, you can purchase them now in our new online shop below. We have a few decks left over from this first print-run so get in quick! 

A sustainability note: the cards are printed locally, in South-east Queensland, on recycled card stock. Profits go straight back to the teens. 


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