Current insights, tips & research about teens from the front line for parents, educators and mentors.

Amanda Rootsey, founder of teen holistic personal development school Shine From Within and coach to youth mentors all over the world, interviews experts about what’s going on for youth today.  From psychological insights to practical advice on how to hold a safe space for teens, it’s your short burst of inspiration and motivation amidst the crazy world of teens and tweens!

Podcast Episode 13 – Stacey Nelson

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Stacey Nelson, a yoga teacher with over 10 years experience teaching kids and teens through her own programs, in schools, working as a yoga therapist in a hospital, creating video content for Food Matters TV and running a kids and...

PODCAST: Episode 12 – Jayde Robinson-Clancy

Founder of The Blossom Guide, Jayde Robinson-Clancy has a background working in youth mentoring, youth development and with women experiencing domestic violence and mental health issues. Jayde has worked with various women's committees including The United Nations...

PODCAST: Welcome to the Youth Mentor Podcast!

Welcome to our very first podcast episode!  This is a super short episode to simply introduce what it's all about. The Youth Mentor Podcast came about after launching our Youth Mentor Training.  I've been interviewing so many amazing experts who work with youth in a...

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