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Our 2019 courses have just wrapped up – register your interest for 2020 below!

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10 – 12 year old girls, or tweens as I like to call them, are just starting to go through some dramatic changes in their body and mind.  It’s the perfect time to start discussing positive body image, self-worth, personal presentation, communicating effectively and the importance of being happy just as they are.  The Tweens Course is the first of it’s kind offering a modern, holistic approach which combines deportment subjects, wellness and self-discovery in a concise, fun way.

“Thank you Amanda for taking the time to nurture young lives.  Mackenzie enjoyed every moment of the Tweens Course and I have loved seeing her eyes light up when telling me about her fun day,”


mother of a Tweens course student


In the Tweens Course, we help girls to:


// FEEL CONFIDENT and happy in their own skin

// Understand POSITIVE BODY IMAGE and self-esteem

// Ensure a positive FIRST IMPRESSION

// COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY – online & offline

// Build happy, healthy FRIENDSHIPS

// Take care of their SKIN with NATURAL PRODUCTS

// Feel confident at the dinner table (TABLE ETIQUETTE)

// Understand the importance of NOURISHING THE BODY from the inside out

// Start to become aware of the importance of taking care of themselves and the world around them

// Have fun with self-care, including a MANICURE with toxic-free polish




“It inspired me to feel more confident and brave about myself and I really enjoyed the course, it was amazing!  My favourite subject was skincare because I enjoyed learning about our skin,” 

Tweens course student, April 2016

Course Delivery:

The Tweens Course is suitable for girls aged 10-12.   It’s run over two 1/2 days and includes:

// 9 hours of face-to-face group learning time including a variety of interactive and practical activities, group discussions, worksheets and more with Shine From Within Director, Amanda Rootsey

// Small class size to ensure a personal experience

// Extra support from trained youth mentors during the course

// Natural, organic snacks each day

// Informal graduation and certificate

// Lifetime student discount & free shipping in the Shine From Within Online Store.

Valued at over $800.


Hear from a Mum…


“Amanda, thank you so much for providing such a beautiful space for our young girls to start their journey of self discovery.   As the mother of a young girl I am grateful that amongst all the awful messaging out there for our girls, you are truly shining a bright light.  On day two she just gave me a big hug and said a huge “Thank you Mum”.  Well done and keep up the terrific work :-)”

Mother of a Tweens course student, July 2016

Register your interest for 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQs - click to open

1. What if my daughter is a bit younger than 10 or older than 12?

The suitable ages are a guide only.  If you feel that your daughter would benefit from this course then by all means, book her in.  Please note that we highly discourage girls any younger than 9 1/2 enrolling because we’ve really noticed the difference in behaviour between a 9 year old and a 12 year old.  While we love having all girls in the class, we’ve found that 9 year olds and younger really need a lot of play-based activities.  The Tweens Course is very hands-on but there is also a lot of discussion-based activities that the 10-12 year old girls absolutely love.  If your daughter is younger than 10 and you really want her to do this course, please consider this before booking her in.  It might be more beneficial for your daughter to wait until she does turn 10.

 2. Is lunch provided?

Afternoon tea is provided each day but the girls will need to bring their own lunch along.  We have a fridge and a lovely balcony where we’ll sit to each lunch both days.

3. What if we don’t live on the Sunshine Coast? Is accommodation provided?

The course is not a residential retreat so accommodation is not provided.  We have had a number of students come up from other states and they have made a family holiday out of it.  As this is becoming quite a common occurrence, we have a document with a range of local accommodation that is convenient for the venue.  Please get in touch after you have booked in and we’ll send this through to you.

4. Is there public transport nearby?

Yes.  There is a bus stop directly out the front of the April venue – Peregian Beach Community House.  Please click on this link to see the venue on Google Maps and click on this link to see the public transport options.

5. I’m paying just the deposit today. How do I pay off the remainder?

Once we’ve received your deposit payment and booking form, we’ll get in touch with an invoice including our bank details so that you can pay off the remainder in instalments at your leisure.  The full amount must be received BEFORE the course commences.

6.  We live somewhere else and would like the course to be run in our hometown.  Is this possible?

We have arranged workshops in other towns or cities but require assistance in the local community.  If you believe the girls in your area could benefit from this course (or a modified version of it) and are happy to assist with organising it, please get in touch by phone or email here.

7.  I’m not sure if my daughter wants to do this.  Should I still book her in?

Most students turn up to our workshops or courses a little unsure of what to expect and nervous to be in a room full of strangers.  We quickly get to know one another and, to this date, we’ve always received 100% positive feedback from the girls after the course.  Simply turning up is a great exercise in feeling a bit of fear or nervousness and moving through it anyway to find a fun couple of days ahead.  In saying that, there’s no point a student coming along who absolutely loathes the idea of being there so we leave it to your discretion as to whether you think you should book your daughter/young person in.  Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss further if you wish.

Haven’t answered all of your questions?  Please contact us by phone or email here.

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