Hi! Amanda here. I wrote this letter to share with our lovely community and thought I’d pop it here too for anyone not on our email list (join at the bottom of this page!). I started Shine From Within over 10 years ago, here on Gubbi Gubbi Country, on the Sunshine Coast QLD Australia. I had recovered from a two year battle with stage four cancer and I just knew I wanted to do more to support the next generation.

We (OK, ‘I’ because it was just me!) began with week-long holiday programs for teenage girls, which expanded into ‘night schools,’ school programs, tween courses, mother-daughter events and retreats, a book, our award-winning Youth Mentor Training for adults wanting to get something up and running for the young people in their own communities and our Online Academy for all genders and abilities where we get to meet a few times a week with a lovely bunch of teens. We’ve supported teens in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, US, India and more; and have supported adults to get their own stuff for youth happening in over 30 countries. surprised

While the journey began on Gubbi Gubbi Country, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to live and work on these lands, swim in these waters and hold space for deep and wonderful and hilarious conversations here, Shine From Within has had a global reach for a while now.

It’s time for a new season and for us to expand our shiny wings. I’m hoping you’ll join us?!

The decision to move has come out of grief, a need for a change of scenery and a yearning for adventure. Our fur baby of 15 years, Trudi, passed away about a month ago and my partner and I always knew we’d need to make a big change when this happened. Trudi was a big part of Shine From Within so you may have met her along the way. She would pop in sometimes at our courses, often popped up on zoom calls and loved meeting lots of folks at our book launch a few years ago. 

So, what does all this mean for you, dear reader?

Not a huge amount of change really! Our Youth Mentor Training has always been online, with calls for our trainees at multiple times to support all time zones. Our Online Academy is the same – we have check-ins in the morning and the evening every Sunday so that it suits our US members and our Aussie members. My 1:1 mentoring clients (the teens and the coaching/consulting I do with adults growing their youth business) will come along on the journey too. The only thing that will change is that I won’t physically post out the school-based curriculums anymore or the shop purchases (which I do love to do because I love wrapping up little presents and writing sweet notes! laughing).

did plan a bunch of in-person stuff this year though so there’ll be changes there. For example, we have our teen retreat (the first in a few years!) scheduled for July in Peregian Beach. We’ve got some bookings but not quite enough to say for sure that it’s going ahead. If we get enough though, I’ll absolutely come back for it.

The amazing thing I’ve realised through doing this work for so many years and getting to speak to adults and young people in all sorts of places, is that there is a place for youth mentors everywhere, and a NEED for youth mentors everywhere. And so if you’re feeling called to support the young people in your community in a new way in 2024, I hope you can join me for this year’s round of Youth Mentor Training, which starts in a couple of weeks. Check it out here.

‘Where am I off to?’ I hear you ask… cool We’re starting our adventures in Thailand. My Dad lived there before he passed so it feels like a second home to me and a good place to start. I can’t wait to feel re-energised from the adventure, inspired by the stories of young people I’ll get to meet in person in other parts of the world, and continue to support you and the journey you’re on with young people into this next season (just wait until I share some of the take-aways from the Youth Mentor Conference – I learned so much about how to support teens/tweens with friendship troubles just in one of the sessions. Stay tuned!).

I’m not disappearing and we’re not shutting down Shine From Within. We’re just truly taking her global now. And I can’t wait to do this with you. Perhaps we’ll get to meet up in another country ourselves (she says while already planning a mother-daughter retreat somewhere in Asia!!). 

Here’s to new adventures!

Warm regards,


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