It’s been an honour to share Shine From Within’s philosophy with hundreds of beautiful girls. Thank you to the parents who trusted us. Thank you to the students who light up our world. While I personally don’t have children, I feel like I have hundreds of amazing girls.

You’re all so beautiful, brilliant, and brave.


Each with your own style. I love hearing what you do after school. I love seeing your kindness to each other. I invite you to journal these 3 questions to learn more about yourself:

1} What Makes YOU Shine?

Whatever pops up first is the answer. When you listen to that inner voice, it guides you to exciting adventures. Maybe you like playing sports, being creative, or being with animals. Follow your curiosity.

2} What Makes YOU Smile?

Are you happiest near the ocean, skateboarding downtown, or listening to music? Just because your friend is pursuing a singing career, don’t feel pressured to copy her. If that’s not your passion, try dancing. Maybe you can compliment each other’s strengths to sing and dance for your friends.

You have your own talents and it’s your responsibility to discover what lights you up.

The first step is to try new things. Whether you’re making gluten free pizza or changing the oil in a car, you’re accessing different parts of your brain. Right-brained thinkers tend to be more intuitive and thoughtful. They make greats artists or teachers. Left-brained thinkers are more analytical and logical. They make great bankers or police officers. Learn more about right and left brain dominance here.  The interesting thing during the teen years is that you experience something called the ‘chaotic brain’ which flips between both sides of the brain.  So go with it and explore – one minute you might feel like letting your creative juices flow, the next you might feel like logically putting together a big event or party for your friend. 

Gabrielle Bernstein’s book, Add More ~ing to Your Life talks about finding stillness through activities. Let me ask you this – what do running and washing dishes have in common? When you’re fully engaged with each activity, you’re in the moment.  By trying new things, your intuition will tell you right away if it excites you, or not.  Listen.

3} What Do Your Friends Ask YOU for Advice About?

These are hints. If they ask you for friendship advice, maybe you’d be a good coach. If they ask you to style their hair, perhaps you’ll work in fashion or beauty. Do people ask you what’s the best cafe in Sydney? You could become an event planner or travel writer.

I know you’ll figure this out. Look forward to hearing what comes up for you around these questions! Open a notebook or Evernote and journal these 3 questions. Don’t censor your thoughts. Just write.

If it suits you, join our closed Teen Facebook Group. (A closed group means that we carefully approve who joins and only members can see posted content.) Inside you’ll find encouragement and a safe place to share what makes you shine. The #sfwsisters are your sisters.

With our support, you’ll find the courage to try out for sports, theatre, and dream jobs. Whatever you want, wants you, too. Keep smiling on your journey.

Your giggles are in my heart. Your smiles light up the room. I feel so lucky to connect with you.

Over to You: What Makes YOU shine? Comment below. It’s good practice for speaking up.

See you in the Facebook Group!


Amanda and the Shine From Within team