Kim Morrison is such an inspiration to me.  She is a best-selling author, the creator of the most beautiful skincare range and has the biggest, kindest heart in the world.

I sat down with her to ask what inspired her to create the Twenty8 range.  Her answer will show why she is such an inspiration!  

Kim Morrison

“I was like any normal teenager wanting the best and most nicest, yummiest and best smelling skincare products to use on my skin… and like most people I was sucked into believing all the big brands were what I needed. However, as I was in my 20’s studying aromatherapy and looking at things like ingredients I started to question what it all meant. Then when a beautiful model friend had been photo-shopped so much in a beauty ad that I hardly recognised her I realised the portrayal of beauty also wasn’t real. It was when I was 30 pregnant with my first child that I really delved into what the ingredients in skincare meant and to put it mildly I was blatantly shocked and horrified. I discovered that we expose ourselves to over 200 chemicals a day just in our personal care products alone and that these ingredients would make it through my skin and placenta to my newly developing baby. Skincare companies only had to have 5% of natural ingredients in their formulations to call themselves natural. Organic can simply mean adding an extra carbon molecule. Testing of these hideous ingredients are done on innocent and beautiful animals who suffer shocking experiences most are killed in the name of beauty. Many of these harmful ingredients are endocrine disrupting, neuro-toxins and some are banned in various countries. Most are considered highly questionable throughout the world yet companies get away with their inclusion by saying they are in such small doses. What we don’t know though is the long term accumulation effect. 

I am not a scientist nor am I a medical doctor but this did not sit with me energetically and spiritually. I wanted to know more. I was fortunate enough to work with many leading natural skincare companies throughout my 20’s and 30’s and yet I still felt there was something missing. Nature has provided us with so many amazing gifts, gifts that work in rhythm with our own body. Aromatherapy is the use of pure plant extracts called essential oils. These are considered the life force of the plant and have their most therapeutic value. I wanted a range that was based on these virtues, with the same life force. And so the idea was planted. I will say it was not some overnight dream, it took me ten years and a lot of amazing people to create Twenty8. I was knocked back by so many for wanting it to be completely natural, chemical-free, mostly organic and to be animal-cruelty free. I kept being told it couldn’t be done. One business advisor told me I had to make a choice… Did I want to save the world or make money? Because in his opinion you couldn’t have both. Little does that American businessman realise how much he motivated me to persevere! 

There are no accidents in life and a lady I happened to study aromatherapy with in Melbourne reappeared in my life asking if I needed help. She had a 6-star range of beauty products for spa’s called Sodashi. I love the fact she is considered the worlds leading natural skincare specialist and it is thanks to her we created and have made the most beautiful, affordable and luxurious range based on the powers of essential oils. Twenty8 was named because I know it takes 28 days to create a good habit, we are governed by 28 day cycles with the moon and tide and it takes skin cells 28days to regenerate. I was also told that from a bio-rhythm point of view it takes 23 days for our physical cycle to renew, 33 days for our intellectual cycle but what struck a chord with me was it takes 28 days for our emotional cycle. Smell is very closely linked to our emotions and this range of products is highlighted by its distinct and most beautiful aroma. Each blend and product is made with our emotional centre in mind. I know that when we use something that smells right it sits well with our vibrational centre, our heart. 

Twenty8 is now my life… I am so proud of it and so in love with it and I love the fact I get to share it and educate others on the powers of what truly natural means. I asked a 6year old girl once what does beauty mean to you? And she replied with ‘Beauty is being yourself but with a sparkle!’. This insightful quote is the bi-line of Twenty8! She summed it up beautifully!”


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